Becoming a new parent can trigger a bout of poor sleep. Anyone who’s had a newborn knows that sleep becomes the most important thing in our lives. We talk about it constantly, to anyone who will listen, and often end up worrying over sleep loss.

Having a baby is such a common trigger for developing longterm insomnia that I often work with new parents to help them worry less and focus on keeping themselves happy and calm, and many of them use my Sleep Well, Live Better Online Course to help improve their sleep, just like Tita.

Tita had insomnia for six months, triggered by the birth of her son. Having never experienced insomnia before, this was a really difficult time for Tita and she found herself becoming obsessed with her sleep. With only sleeping pills for help, she felt trapped in a cycle of insomnia. 

She says, “It all deteriorated quite quickly and it was an absolute shock to my body because I’d never had problems with sleep, falling asleep or staying asleep through the night, so I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I was thinking about it constantly and was worried, stressed and not being 100% a good parent either because I just wasn’t sleeping enough. I even had GP prescribed medication and that didn’t really work either. But, it all changed when I found Kathryn’s online course.”


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