New Critical Tracking Events, Audit Trends, and More

FoodLogiQ’s Summer 2022 Release expands functionality across the FoodLogiQ Connect platform, enabling new behaviors and broadening existing components to meet new use cases. As with all of our releases, this release is guided by industry drivers and direct customer feedback.

Continuing FoodLogiQ’s investment in supporting global standards, this release adds new Track + Trace critical tracking events that align with the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) for their key data elements (KDEs). New code lists based on the FAO code list for aquatic species enable users to track raw or bulk seafood items throughout the supply chain. Additionally, new user interface elements highlight the locations involved with each event, including addresses, maps, and countries of origin.

In Manage + Monitor, enhancements to product records allow users to print stylized PDFs of supplier’s product information to share specifications with non-FoodLogiQ users or keep an archive for external reference. Within reporting, new audit timeline reports enable users to compare how the count of audit responses or scores of those responses have trended over time – enabling users to quickly identify underperforming suppliers or locations that need additional attention.

For Recall + Response, there is improved clarity for unauthenticated users responding to a withdrawal. These individuals are given access as part of advanced functionality that supports identifying withdrawal information through CSV format. As these users may not be frequent FoodLogiQ visitors, improving the user experience will reduce potential confusion and allow them to respond quickly to withdrawal requests.

Additionally, this release expands FoodLogiQ’s webhook functionality to incidents. Users can subscribe to creation, modification, and deletion push notifications, allowing for a simpler integration experience than traditional polling behaviors.

The above functionality and additional features delivered in FoodLogiQ’s Summer 2022 Release are currently live in FoodLogiQ Connect. We encourage you to log in to Connect to experience the new features and consult our Knowledge Base for more information and accompanying resources.

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