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New COVID vaccine mandates go into effect as the U.S. crosses grim milestone

The United States has recorded 700,000 COVID-19 deaths, as the weekly numbers of cases fall nationwide. More Americans are getting vaccinated due to new vaccine mandates going into effect. Michael George reports.

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23 thoughts on “New COVID vaccine mandates go into effect as the U.S. crosses grim milestone

  1. —When the military realizes that these globalist murderers are going to block the ports, rape and traffic their children, they will bomb the homes of the rich globalists and all their followers.

  2. The chant being heard all across America, "F**k Joe Biden!!" A thunderous version broke out in the NFL Jets/Titans game. Strange for the most voted for president of all-time – hahaha!!

  3. Despite my telling Y T I have no wish to view their covid vids they continue to put them on my "recommended" viewing so….. what I do is click on the vids and if they allow comments I copy/paste the same message: I would not trust anyone promoting covid vaccine and health info on YT, a worldwide entertainment platform. There are legit sources where I can find info when I want it. So what I'm doing today, as I have plenty of time on my hands, is I deliberately did a search for covid vids just so I can write what I'm posting now. How much fun is that? 🙂 Oh, and I always smash the thumbs down button even though I don't waste my time watching the vids.

  4. LOL at how we will be wearing masks forever until a real vaccine is invented' ets stop pretending that we've turned a corner because cases are down

  5. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety and will lose both."  -Benjamin Franklin
    …….and we have been losing both havent we 😉

  6. We cannot trust a media who is pushing a drug whose manufacturer pays the media to run ads. The following shows are sponsored (paid by) PFIZER : GOOD MORNING AMERICA, CBS HEALTH WATCH, ANDERSON COOPER 360, ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE, CNN TONIGHT, EARLY START, ERIN BURNETT OUT FRONT, THIS WEEK WITH GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, CBS SPORTS, MEET THE PRESS, CBS THIS MORNING and ….. 60 MINUTES Remember, when these people push the drug (the vaccine), they are being paid to.

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