Faithful Finish Lines offers Christian weight loss programs for women wanting to make God the center of their weight loss journey.

You may have heard me write about Faithful Finish Lines here and there on my blog or in my weekly newsletter.

Sara and I run Faithful Finish Lines together. We have each lost 100 pounds (Sara’s weight loss journey, Becky’s weight loss journey)

  • We both love food (and still eat chocolate).
  • We both started out HATING exercise and now I run regularly and Sara does triathlons and taekwondo (she is all kinds of amazing!).
  • We both used to majorly beat ourselves up for overeating and now we trade our guilt for God’s grace.

We are both passionate about bringing more grace and joy into weight loss for Christian women because we understand the struggle and we know how amazing it feels to experience freedom in Christ in our weight loss journey.

So, I wanted to let you know about some NEW and super EXCITING changes that have happened recently.

Faithful Finish Lines 2.0 Progam

This grace-focused program makes God the center of your weight loss journey while we give you the tools to get to your goal weight and stay there for life.

We walk you step-by-step through your weight loss journey.

You will conquer emotional eating and food cravings while cutting through the overwhelm of all of the weight loss gimmicks out there to do the most important things that will get you results.

There is a members-only private Facebook group where you can share honestly and openly about your struggles.

You will get personalized advice on our weekly live coaching videos where Sara and I answer your questions unique to your life.

  • Are you struggling with a junk food-loving husband?
  • Did your weight loss stall when you started going through menopause?
  • Do you feel like your nighttime snacking is derailing your progress?

We give you prayerful and practical tips to move you closer to your goals.


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