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Navigating Westchester County Real Estate-Watch This Free Webinar!

Have you been dreaming about living in the burbs- particularly Westchester? We know! So many families are looking to move to Westchester; it is close to the city, easy commute, and perfect for families.

Recently we connected with The Westchester Living Team, Compass Westchester’s #2 team in the county, and chatted about the current local market data and what makes each Westchester neighborhood special. Four experts on all things Westchester Jennifer Ross (Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker), Sari Shaw (Licensed Real Estate Salesperson), Lynn Ryan (Licensed Real Estate Salesperson), and Melissa MarcoglieseLicensed Real Estate Salesperson.

Check out the webinar and learn about the booming Westchester real estate and why it’s a seller’s market with low inventory and high demand.
We were also given valuable tips on the nuances of home buying in Westchester (it’s not the same as other parts of the Metro area) and why it is crucial to work with a knowledgeable broker who knows the neighborhood you want to look at in Westchester.

You will also learn in this webinar insider tips, including home pricing by neighborhood, uniqueness of neighborhoods, and how to make the right decision for yourself!

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