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 Nature-Mother earth

Friday,28th May 2021


How can I forget

and let the things happen!

much to your disliking

such an evil idea is never striking my mind


mother brought me on this lovely earth

father nurtured me with the faith

the neighbours gave me enough love

I believe everybody contributed a lot


but you were above all

my eyes got pleased with your call

early morning chips from the birds

provided me melody with extra words


animals were not lagging

so much love and affection of the rare kind

your generosity in providing food grains

to feel the belly of millions despite bearing pain


the sky fascinates

the earth elevates

my spirit to that of never-ending joy

till death, I smile and enjoy your presence


My body is made of clay

so I remain attached and stay

in your lap, whenever I feel distressed

this brings me a memorable smile on the face


Dr Hasmukh Mehta

D.Litt ,Folt

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