Your hormones can take you for a ride. Men often worry about low testosterone contributing to fatigue and more, while much of the focus on women’s hormonal challenges surround reduced estrogen.

But those only represent a couple of hormones. And although they can influence your body and how you feel in big ways, there are other hormones you can naturally balance to potentially combat or ease the symptoms associated with aging.

Muscle loss and fat gain are two issues many aging people struggle with. But it’s not all about testosterone or estrogen. One hormone you can focus on to build muscle strength and slow fat gain is DHEA.

When you were younger, your body was producing DHEA at much higher levels and it helped your build muscle and stay slimmer. But with age, production drops and strength and metabolism can too.

Boosting protein intake by supplementing with whey protein can enhance DHEA production to help slow muscle loss and fat gain. About four tablespoons per day have been shown to help.

Another hormone that drops with age is serotonin. After about 45, it starts slipping downward and can result in mood fluctuations and poor sleep. You can boost serotonin by including potatoes, eggs, cheese, salmon, nuts, and turkey into your diet.

Hormones can also play a role in skin health. IGF-1 is produced in the liver and plays several roles in your body. One is skin aging. There is research indicating that two-minute bursts of exercise, like walking, can boost IGF and contribute to younger-looking skin.

By making a few lifestyle changes, you may be able to balance your hormones to slow the aging process. Using diet and activity to offset naturally-reduced hormones can help you feel younger, more energized, and have anti-aging effects.

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