Reputable brands include Innate Response, Wish Garden, Gaia, Herb Pharm, Wise Woman Herbals, Pure Encapsulations and Eclectic Institute, or any of those in my online holistic apothecary.

As with any infection, eat a bulb of garlic once per day. You can bake the cloves in a little olive oil, salt and pepper, or cut it up raw and swallow a few cloves as pills, but you are more likely to tolerate taking New Chapter’s Garlicforce. This product is a wonderfully effective and very mild tasting encapsulated supercritical extract of garlic. 

You can also try Gaia’s Echinacea Supreme herbal tincture, 1-2 dropperfuls every few hours daily in juice. This will help kill germs like viruses and strengthen your immune system.

Drink a strong red raspberry leaf tea, or even better, make your own infusion of red raspberry leaf by immersing one ounce dried herb in one quart boiling water, brew for ½ hour, strain in a glass canning jar, and drink ½ – 1 cup up to every 30 minutes to 1 hour, according to the severity of your diarrhea. Add fresh mint, juice of lemon or lime and honey to taste.

Take Klaire labs probiotics twice daily for at least a few weeks to help resolve the diarrhea and replace healthy intestinal flora.

Slippery Elm is reputed to be the best herbal remedy for soothing and healing inflammation of the bowel and/or acid reflux irritation commonly felt after vomiting. Take capsules 3 times daily, suck on lozenges, or make your own paste by combining the powdered form with a few spoonfuls of honey-sweetened water, applesauce or hot cereal.

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