Manuka Honey has been used for centuries to help heal infection and has been supported by research. Take 1 tsp UMF-rated organic Manuka Honey from New Zealand up to 4x/day. This can be added to tea or taken straight. They also come in tasty soothing lozenges. 

Asian mushrooms. Host Defense makes a wonderful combination of organically grown Asian mushrooms, used extensively in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for centuries to enhance immunity.

Other Herbs. Elderberry syrup, is especially studied effective for the flu, but also reduces length and severity of the common cold. It also tastes yummy! You can take 2 teaspoons up to 4 times daily. If you are NOT pregnant, after exposure or during the cold and flu season, you can preventatively take ViraCom (by Vital Nutrients) that has a wonderful combination of immune supporting remedies. At the earliest sign of feeling sick, you can take Andrographis Paniculata, easily available as the brand name Kan Jang. Take 1 tablet every 6 hours.  It is reputed to be very effective at boosting immunity during the cold and flu season, and to hasten healing, as is Gaia’s encapsulated oil of oregano, a wonderful brand, and you can take it as directed on bottle. Additional well researched, natural immune-boosting, anti-infective remedies include Colloidal Silver, Goldenseal, Cumin, Rosemary, Cinnamon, and Elecampane to support healing of your respiratory tract and kill certain common disease causing bacteria. Dr Kelly Brogan in her book Own Yourself: The Suprising Path Beyond Depression, Anxiety, and Fatigue to Reclaiming Your Authenticity, Vitality, and Freedom also advises Thymus Glandular, and N-acetyl cysteine (especially to loosen mucus in a hacking productive cough) to support your immune system when sick with common infections, in a radical attempt to help people find effective modalities that are safer than toxic prescriptive and over the counter medications.

Essential oil blend.  Thieves by Young Living, can be added to your tea (just a drop or two) a few times daily. You can also make them into a warm moist compress or dilute 3-4 drops of Thieves, or any of the above mentioned essential oils in almond oil and massage onto your aching body, rub onto your chest, throat, sinuses, head, or under your nose. Place them in the bath as you soak, for their anti-infectious, decongestant, and immune stimulating effects. Put 3-4 drops on the light bulb near your bed and in your diffuser and humidifier. 

The essential oil of Tea Tree may be combined with Clove, Cinnamon or a few of the others above and diluted in a spray bottle of water to spray around the room to naturally disinfect and refresh the air. You can take doTerra’s On Guard essential oil pellets orally as directed. I am amazed how effective they are!

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids can be taken in 500–1000 mg doses 3 to 5 times per day to assist your immune response. But do not take more than 2000 mg per day in the first trimester, or 500 mg daily past the 36th week of pregnancy.

Vitamin D3 – make sure you take 1000-5000 IU daily to keep your blood levels 70 or above, which supports your general well-being and immune response.

Zinc – Take in the form of lozenges (up to 10-30 mg daily) with a meal to reduce severity of an upper respiratory infection. Liquid drops are also fine.

Lozenges like Slippery Elm, Manuka Honey lozenges, and also Ricola Cough Drops can also provide some relief. 

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