Do lively and energetic pelvic tilts for 5 minutes once or twice a day. Get on your yoga mat, and in the middle, lay a folded yoga blanket for extra knee padding. Tilt your pelvis up and down or forward and backward like when you do yoga cat and cow movements. But, focus more on the pelvis. It is very helpful to coordinate the movements with your breathing, such as inhaling when you do cow, exhaling when you do cat, or vise versa. Gradually make the movements stronger and faster, using your core by drawing your belly inward, corseting your ribs, and isometrically pulling your front pelvic bone towards your breast bone to protect your back. You can also circle your hips in both directions and do figure eights. If not at home, you can do them on lying on a rug, or while standing, by tilting your pelvis back and forth in the same way. Include some belly dancing like figure eight movements of your pelvis and have fun with it. Some good dance music can help you get into the rhythm!

When pushing during childbirth, make sure to be on hands and knees, kneeling or side lying. Avoid squatting to lessen pressure on veins.

For all types of varicose veins, consider consulting a professional homeopath or acupuncturist skilled in traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathic or chiropractic care, especially if none of the above suggestions help and your problem is chronic.

Contact your provider or schedule a consultation with me if nothing seems to work or your leg has an area of hardness, heat, pain, redness, and/or swelling, as this could indicate inflammation or a clot formation.  

For further inspiration and optimal health during pregnancy, birthing and postpartum, please make sure to take my online Love Your Birth course, so you can ROCK your journey wherever and however you plan to give birth. In adjunct, for additional helpful and uplifting information, insights and tips you can read my Natural Birth Secrets book.


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