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Natural Birth Diaries

diaries are a great way to preserve the
memory of your birth experience.  Every mother loves to share
her birth story, so here’s your opportunity to tell the world about the
natural birth of your children.

you have not
yet given birth, or are preparing for your natural childbirth, you can
become inspired and empowered by reading the natural birth diaries of other
mothers.  You’ll see the
unique and beautiful
qualities that each of these stories  has to offer.

Unassisted Homebirth Stories

Christina’s accidental unassisted birth story gave her more than she bargained for, in more ways than one!

Christy’s latest unassisted
homebirth story
shows that when babies are ready, they’re
coming whether you’re ready for them or not.

Christy’s home
waterbirth story

of her
second child offers a powerful message of encouragement and trust in
your innate ability to birth your child, and how precious it can be to
have a 3 year old sibling for a birth companion!

journey to unassisted childbirth
conveys the empowerment of
birthing your child into the arms of one you love as well as widsom
beyond her years.  Her story truly captures the essence of
what is means to be a mother – to have sacrifical love for another
entrusted to your care.

unassisted birth experience

with her fifth child will empower you to discover your birthing
instinct, that your body already knows how to birth your baby when you
let it. 

unassisted childbirth
, the story of her third son’s birth, speaks of the pure empowerment that is birthing your child into the arms of one you love.

fifth birth,
the unassisted
birth story of Grace
, illustrates your body’s true ability to
birth your child, in peace and serenity.

natural birth story of Evelyn
, her final daughter, shows the
unique challenges of birthing a posterior baby.  Let’s just
say she finished her birth experiences with a bang!

VBAC Stories

Deneice’s natural VBAC birth story
shows that some doctors are so uninformed about VBAC and natural birth,
that they will push a repeat c-section, or worse offer the unsafe
option of an induction, never considering that a vaginal birth, let
alone a natural one, is indeed a safe (and attainable) option. 

birth after cesarean section story
details the sad reality
that until maternity care practices change, we must take control of our
birthings by bringing the evidence to the professionals.
 Angela is a champion for us all in self-advocating for the
VBAC she knew she her body could handle.

Homebirth Stories

story of Gabriella
, her third daughter,  conveys the
unique benefits of birthing in your home, surrounded by the love and
support of your family and the new child’s siblings.

birth story of Madelyn
serves as a reminder that our actions
can impede our body’s ability to birth our child and the benefits of
surrendering to our birthing.

Natural Hospital Birth Diaries

Benna’s natural hospital birth in Botswana illustrates how hospital birth policies and procedures vary in different parts of the world.

This is the first of my birth story diaries, that of my
first child: Eden
.   I hope you find it an empowering
guide to a pain-free natural  childbirth.

The second story in this collection of birth diaries is that of my
second child, Iris
.  I believe that this story shows that once you
truly let your body complete the tasks for which it was designed, you
will see how easy it can be to birth a child.

Vanessa’s natural
birth story
shows that when birth is left alone to proceed as
it should, it waits for no one, not even doctors or midwives.

Dana’s natural
birth story
illustrates that even
after three birth experiences with epidural pain relief, a natural
birth is possible.  Even more, it challenges the perception
that women would never want a natural birth after having an an

Deanna’s natural
hospital birth story

shows that a natural birth can still be a option, even in the face of
congenital birth defects that will require surgery shortly after birth,
and how a supportive birth team is often the deciding factor in
determining your options.

Christy’s first
natural birth story
took place in a birth center
attended by midwives.  She had a positive experience and has
excellent insight into the importance of proper birth positioning.

“overdue pregnancy”
 birth story shows that a
natural birth is possible even past the arbitrary 40 week cut-off
commonly used in the US.

birth story
is a tribute to the fact that even with
induction, a comfortable natural birth is possible.

story of precipitous
shows shows how a fast natural birth that is
uncomplicated can still have interesting roadblocks, including
unprepared caregivers.

natural hospital birth story
proves how educating oneself as
to the true process of birthing can steer the course of your birthing
to an empowering natural event.

story of Meagan
, Lisa’s second child, took a slightly
different route, or more correctly, a turn off the beaten path.
 I’ll say no more, the story speaks for itself.

next three
natural birth diaries were submitted by Leslie, who is currently
expecting her fourth
natural childbirth baby:

first natural birth story

second natural birth story

third natural birth story

birth story
shows how powerful it can be to have a mother
who gave birth naturally. When surrounded by others who have given
birth naturally, you’ll receive more support and faith in your decision.

of Kate details her empowering journey to natural
childbirth from a medicated birth with an epidural with her first.

birth experience
shows the lack of true education that
mothers receive about birth even in world-renowned facilities and how
when we take control of our education and our births, we can reap the
benefits with smoother, easier births.

childbirth experience
details her peaceful natural birth
supported by her husband and mother.

empowering birth
story of Julia
shows that babies come when babies are ready –
and when they’re ready, they mean it!

next two
birth stories were submitted by Paula.  The first of Paula’s
natural childbirth stories
took place in March of 2005 and
her second, the natural
childbirth story of Oscar
, took place in September of 2006.

next birth diaries are those of Barb,
a mother of three who experienced two natural births and a third
complicated by her doctor wanting to “speed things
along”.   Her love for her children shines through in
these inspirational stories.

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