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If your baby girl is born between October 23 to November 21, then you’re going to have a Scorpio in your family. Scorpio is the eighth horoscope in the zodiac, and it’s a water sign (even though most people mistake it for a fire sign since it’s associated with the color red).

Scorpios are known for being mysterious, but they’re also fearless and bold. Their loyalty, strength, and determination are their defining qualities. If you have a Scorpio child, you can expect them to be bursting with energy and confidence. Be sure to nurture their creative, curious energy as they grow older.

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To honor your baby girl’s horoscope, consider giving her one of the following names with links to the Scorpio sign. Any one of these options would be a fitting choice. The only hard part is deciding which is your favorite.


14 Anahita

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Since Scorpio is a water sign, naming your baby girl anything water-inspired will be fitting. For this reason, consider Anahita. Originating in Persian, it means, ‘a river and water goddess.’ Consider Ana as a nickname.

13 Geranium

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If you’re drawn to floral names, then consider Scorpio’s official birth flower as inspiration. Geranium would make a delicate yet unique name for your baby girl. These flowers are associated with positive emotions, which is also a Scorpio characteristic.

12 Laguna

If you’re looking for something that will stand out from the crowd, consider Laguna. This is the word for pond or lake in Italian, giving it a direct connection to Scorpio as a water sign. Luna would make an adorable nickname.

11 Tallulah

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This stunning name has two meanings that would be perfect for your baby girl. With roots in Choctaw and Irish, Tallulah means ‘leaping water’ and ‘lady of abundance.’ Not only can the name honor Scorpio as a water sign, but its meaning is bound to bring your daughter luck.

10 Chrysta

Most Scorpios are born in November, so it’s fitting to take inspiration from your baby’s birth month. Chrysanthemum is the official flower of November. Although this may be a bit too long for a first name, you can shorten it to Chrysta or something similar.

9 Poppy

The signature color of Scorpios is red, so any name with a related meaning would be a fitting choice. For this reason, consider Poppy. This energetic name stirs images of the red color of the same name. It’s a great choice for parents who would love to use a floral name.

8 River

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Gender-neutral names have never been more popular. If you’re looking for one for your Scorpio baby, consider River. This name has a clear water theme, but it’s also commonly used. But it’s given less to girls, which makes it a unique pick for your daughter.

7 Goldie

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If your Scorpio baby is due in October, then take inspiration from the month’s official flower, the marigold. A potential name could be Goldie, which translates to mean ‘gold.’ It’s an uncommon name but is sophisticated and memorable, just like Scorpios.

6 Redd

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For something with a lot of spunk, consider the name Redd for your baby girl. This is another gender-neutral option, and it follows the trend of using colors to inspire names. Red is Scorpio’s signature color, making this a clear way to honor your baby’s horoscope.

5 Adira

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Scorpios are known for their strength and resilience, so any name that honors these characteristics would make sense. Adira is a name with roots in Hebrew that means ‘strength.’ Consider using Addie as a nickname.

4 Lake

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For another water-themed choice, consider Lake for your baby girl. It’s increasingly common to use words to inspire names. While this name isn’t common, it’s also not unheard of. Actress Lake Bell of How I Met Your Mother fame has helped give the name mainstream attention.

3 Opal

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If your Scorpio baby is born in October, then use the month’s birthstone to influence her name. Opal is a delicate name for a little girl. It comes from the word “upala” in Sanskrit, meaning ‘jewel.’ It’s also a big trend to use gems to inspire names, so this moniker is a modern choice.

2 Starr

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You don’t have to be specific with your daughter’s name for it to be inspired by her horoscope. Pay homage to star signs, in general, by calling your baby Starr. Add an extra ‘e’ at the end if you want a unique spelling. She’ll be bound to trust the stars with a name like this.

1 Aqua

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If you like the idea of using color as inspiration for your Scorpio baby’s name, Aqua is also an option. While blue may not be this horoscope’s official color, aqua is sometimes used as a synonym for water. It also represents the blue-green color characteristic of many oceans. With Scorpio being a water sign, this is a cute option.

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