“So what’s your book about?”

I stared at the medium, confused. I’d booked an appointment with her as my birthday gift in July. I wasn’t sure if I’d heard her correctly, so I said, “Excuse me?” “What’s your book about?” she repeated. I was stunned. “I don’t have a book,” I told her, “I’ll probably write one when I retire.”

She looked surprised. After reminding me that the messages she shared were not coming from her but through her, the medium told me that my book was supposed to have been written already. She also said to me that I’m incredibly intuitive, which didn’t surprise me.

“You are a medical intuitive,” the medium said, “So why aren’t you calling yourself that?”  

As she continued channeling messages for me, I suddenly understood. The intuitive healing process I developed is not only powerful, but no one else has the unique approach that I do. The message I received through the medium is that the time has come for me to become more visible, share my unique healing approach with more people, and own my superpower fully. She also encouraged me to include “Medical Intuitive” in my title. It was time.

I took a few weeks to process the messages from the medium. My intuition spoke louder than ever before through my Reiki practice, vivid dreams, and insights that came to me while swimming.

I knew on a deep soul level that it was time to step into my sacred calling at full power.

My ability to offer spiritual guidance and help people heal trauma from an intuitive place allows me to serve as a Beacon of Change. I am devoted to offering a vibration of lovingkindness to the world. My mission is still and will always be to empower women to live, love, and lead at full power.

Owning the title “Medical Intuitive & Spiritual Mentor” is an honor for me.

Though I’m embracing the title now, I’ve been a Medical Intuitive for many years.

The Beacons of Change Method of healing and spiritual growth, our manifesto, our Reiki Training, The Journey into Your Soul healing experience, my signature Women of Wisdom workshop, and other processes and tools I carry in my invisible medicine bag are serving me and others every day.

I know how to use my gifts. I already do. The next step is to be brave, bold, and more visible by sharing my story and healing wisdom in a book (yes, I’m planning to write a book; more on that later).

I’m not a traditional medical intuitive. I take a holistic approach to health and wellness.

A typical medical intuitive gives you a reading and then advises you to continue your healing work with other professionals. With my background as a social worker, certified life coach, and Reiki Master trained in a wide range of healing modalities, I help you get to the root source behind your physical symptoms, stress, and trauma-related conditions. And then I help you heal. My approach is holistic.

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