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My skin smoothing secret — Naturally Newborn

One of the areas we pride ourselves in is our natural looking images. Two of the things Amber has taught me is that less is more and get it right in camera. Always. We typically don’t have too many skin issues because of the way we light our babies. As you can see, the difference is subtle. So how did I achieve this? Frequency separation.

What is frequency separation? It is a technique that allows you to separate the texture from the tone and color of the skin in an image. In layman’s terms it makes the top layer super sharp and the under layer super smooth. When first running the action, you won’t see a difference because it just separates those layers. It is how you use the action that makes the change. 

I would like to introduce you to In a minute you will head over there because I want you to download a photoshop action. Phlearn is an amazing website with so many tutorials and videos. You really should check them out on youtube as well. They break down anything and everything you could possibly want to use Photoshop for. I have learned so much from this website. Head over to Phlearn and download the frequency separation action. Come right back. I’ll wait.

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