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My sea change


Out of the bush

And in to the sea

Wondering where belonging— belongs for me


From the straight arrow freeway

To a road with a sudden bend

In some ways— it feels like the beginning

In other ways— like it’s the end


I tell everyone that where I’m heading 

Involves only a day of driving 

To make it sound easy

Six hundred and sixty six kilometres

Yep— totally local—totally breezy


From the mountains— the dry summers

My planned little town— that I grew up in— and knew so well

To a place— where I knew no one— and nothing

Making expectations— harder to predict— and to tell


Moving to a place— where I had never been

A warm climate

Of oceans—tropical birds

And dense and ancient rainforests— that I’d never seen


Wanting to shed my skin— but only in parts

While trying to understand— what exactly that skin was

Wondering if my practiced routines and connections are ‘forever’ a part of me…

If they were meant ‘to be’ for a particular time…


‘Just because’


Liberating to be alone

And to start again

But also— incredibly painful

To be away from everything familiar— especially my family and my friends


So here I am

My sea change

With all that it will bring

Embracing opportunity and renewal

With the discomfort of unfamiliarity and change

Like Winter to Spring

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