My response to Doctor Mike...🙄 #shorts

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By admin

35 thoughts on “My response to Doctor Mike…🙄 #shorts”
  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why he still makes videos? Like I have only watched a few of nikados videos, and like all of the comments are hate. Like bro just stop.

  2. I heard you were aggressive but i had no idea that you were straight up like a toddler. Honestly just grow up and stop having tantrums like you’re 5. You’re already have a CPAP machine do you don’t die in your sleep so why do you keep eating

  3. Let me say this this mf had The audacity to call a literally doctor a peasant which has a phd and has more subscribers than you he has 10.3 mill and you have about 593k and your making this reaction video cause you want clout and make your dying channel grow

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