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Ways To Speed Up Labor – 15k views!

So I went into labor the night before my due date, and what was I doing? Here you’ll see me implementing one of the best ways to speed up labor and get to pushing.

When Does Baby Head Engage? Ways To Ensure It Does – 19k views!

One of the most exciting times for us as women was when we were engaged to our husbands. Do you remember that feeling of elation? “I’m engaged!”

You would spread the word and everyone had high hopes and joy for you. It’s that word ‘engaged’ that just does the trick. ‘Getting married’ just isn’t the same thing emotionally.

‘Engaged’ is another word for something else you should be equally elated about. But most women don’t know what it means.

Breathing Baby Out Instead of Pushing – 38k views!

You know those stories that pop up in the news on occasion about the mother who gave birth in their car or just SO fast they didn’t make it to the hospital in time? Do you think those mothers actively pushed in their cars?

Picture it: “Oh honey I feel like I need to push–BAD,” she says. “Wait, were only ten minutes away, can you hold it in?!” replies the frantic husband. “But I can’t! Here goes….(grunting),” as she starts to deliver on the front seat. I don’t really think that’s exactly how it plays out either.

Often the articles will quote on of the parents saying, almost always, “The baby just delivered himself.” Why would they be traveling to the hospital in the first place if they didn’t want to deliver at home?

9 Ways To Speed Up Labor & Get To Pushing – 118k views!

Since you never know how long your labor is going to be, it’s no wonder that you want to know how to speed up labor so that it’s as quick as possible.

I don’t think that a single one of us wants to be in labor for hours and hours on end. I have a sister in law that had a 30-hour labor–yikes! But there are things that you can easily do to make yours even just a couple of hours.

These do NOT include a pitocin drip or having your bag of waters manually broken. Your doctor may likely try and augment your contractions with either one of these because they’re the traditional methods. But you DON’T need them. Don’t believe them when they try to push it on you.

If you find that you’ve plateaued and haven’t progressed as quickly as you wish, it’s likely because they’re interrupting you and keeping you stressed. So find the ways to decompress and calm your body with any of the following easy methods and you’ll have that baby out in no time.

8 Late Pregnancy Symptoms Before Going Into Labor – 195k views!

Waiting during the last month of pregnancy for signs of your imminent labor can be torturous. Because there are late pregnancy symptoms before going into labor, you can gauge as to possibly how close you are to delivering your baby.

It would be excellent if you could just have a checklist of everything that is going to happen to you. That way you’d know exactly where you are in the timeline of your baby’s birth. But really, when things take place, even if they do at all, is almost as accurate as your due date. Shocker!

Not all of these signs will happen for every single mother, but most do and are necessary. We’re all so unique that what happened to your mother will likely not even happen to you. Here are eight signs you should know about.

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How To Relax During Childbirth


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