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xo, Candace

I have recently started to add a meditation routine into my day. I have noticed that it has made me feel better, mentally and physically. I would categorize myself as a type-a, stressed person. I fixate on too much and never seem to be able to calm myself down. I am constantly on edge and I struggle to relax. Even when in a relaxed setting, I can never seem to calm my mind. I used to feel defeated, that I didn’t have the time or the means to meditate. I imagined a monk on top of a mountain with nothing but fresh air and tons of space. I figured if I didn’t have a mountain to sit on, then I couldn’t meditate. 

Then, I just decided to go for it. Last week after a workout in our home gym I just decided to lay on my back. I opened up Spotify and played one of Candace’s meditation playlists. I just sat there and tried to focus on breathing. At first, my mind was racing. Am I doing it right? How should I be breathing? How long do I be here? I just couldn’t stop thinking. Then, little by little I just sort of fell into it. I let my eyes sink into the head, I started to relax my face, and muscles, my breathing felt less forced, and I wasn’t thinking much. I realized you do not need a meditation room with bolsters, incense, fountains, or any special equipment. You just need a body and a few minutes. 

I stayed there for a few minutes, then I came out of it. Afterward, I felt good. It is so interesting how nothing matters when you are not thinking of anything. Everything feels so meaningless and inconsequential. All the stress from work went away, all the trivial day-to-day tasks that eat me up didn’t feel as important. I have started to add some essential oils to help.

Since starting, I have tried to meditate for at least 10-15 minutes each day. Of course, I have missed a day or two already, but it doesn’t bother me. I do notice that I feel more stressed when I do not meditate. I have to force myself to get into a daily habit. 

I am hoping to get better, but I am not going to stress myself out about it. If I can get it done, great. If not, that’s ok. 

Do you meditate? What tips do you have? Let me know in the comments. 


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