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My Library of Sex Books | Hannah Witton

#DoingItBook Video Week Day 2! Check out my books about sex & relationships!
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29 thoughts on “My Library of Sex Books | Hannah Witton

  1. 1. i read everyday sexism last week (late because for some reason I thought i read it or listened to the audiobook ages ago, or alternatively thought it was one of the graphic non-fiction books that have been popular lately. so my brain alternated between conflating it with several feminism books I did read and/or "take it as a compliment," apparently but once i realized my mistake I dove into it–and have never been as shaken by a book in my life. each chapter contains a deep analysis of a topic affecting female-identified types followed by relevant tweets and comments received by the project. the mix of clean facts and anecdotes is powerful, depressing, enlightening, and empowering all at once, and really painted a picture of the true situation in all parts of the world. also, Bates did a good job of providing intersectionality while acknowledging her own ignorance & privilege. this stood out to me in particular because she included disabled women in multiple examples throughout the book, which is rare. most feminist books will only mention us once, typically in a chapter near the end that lumps together all the less trendy identities so that the writer can point to it whenever their inclusivity is challenged. of course, including us meant describing the injustices we face, but the fact that this gave me new information is an important consequence of the pervasive erasure Bates mostly avoids while calling out others in the movement/community.
    overall, it's one that took this rapid reader a few days to get through because i kept pausing to process.

    (also sex at dawn was one of my first glimpses into the study of human sexuality, and it's eye opening.)

  2. Another book that's really really good that I think you'd like is "Inferior : How Science Got Women Wrong – and the New Research That's Rewriting the Story" by Angela Saini. It's just recently been released but it's amazing. It's relatively easy to read but it's very sciency (obviously). It talks about the science of sex differences and how basically people of different sexes are way more similar than they are different and that most of the things that we think are inbuilt biological things are actually just constructed social things. It covers a wide range of topics as well from sex differences in the brain to different cultures approaches to relationships and families and stuff (so more on monogamy not necessarily being the one "natural" way of being in a relationship).

  3. After you read SEX AT DAWN, I recommend that you read SEX AT DUSK. Itโ€™s a point-by-point rebuttal of the first book. Iโ€™d be curious to know what you think after reading both.

  4. Thank you very uch for this book presentation ! This is very stimulating and ive got a few ideas what i want to read in the near future. Naomi Wolfs Vagia is actually on my shelf already. ;D But unread up till now.

    Thank you so much ! Im so inspired now to read much more books about sex and gender and sexualities and and and. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Is there a part 2, where you show us what you have read till January 2018 ? =) Or even up till now ?

  5. In history If you don't know the word gay it used to be meaning happy now days LHBTQ ruined it making it look bad all i want people need to see truth about history its self the more people see truth about history the better

  6. I would recommend Mating in Captivity, and The State of Affairs , both by Esther Perel. Esther is an amazing psychologist, but you have to have an open-mind to read her, all the topics she covers are quite strong and probably it will be too much to handle for very emotional people but it doesnโ€™t take away from it the reality of sexual behavior.

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