My ED Story// Sharing all the juicy deets + what it's like being fully recovered

Hello!!! If you are new here my name is Chlo! I’m an Amenorrhea/ED recovery coach who guides women through the process of getting their period back and stepping into full food freedom.

I am sharing with you my whole ED journey, from start to finish– it’s a juicy one. Maybe you will relate to a couple of the things I went through. If so, let me know in the comments below!

I suffered over 11 years with multiple ED’s– exercise addiction, orthorexia, anorexia– which lead to amenorrhea, diagnosis of osteopenia, crippling digestive issues, binging, hair loss, and so much more.

I have since fully recovered and dedicated my career to helping other women get to the land of recovery… cause darling, it’s just too good 🙂

My signature course, Get Your Flow On, will guide + support you through the journey of getting your period back, restoring your metabolism, and transforming your relationship with food.

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Disclaimer: this content is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional if you have any questions or concerns regarding your health.


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14 thoughts on “My ED Story// Sharing all the juicy deets + what it's like being fully recovered

  1. This was so so encouraging! Thank you so much for all you share and pour into helping others!! On your journey of recovery did you ever work with a counsellor to overcome the guilt/tough emotions that came up as you were challenging food rules? Thanks Chlo!

  2. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Having a really rough time coping with the many quirks of recovery and the dark thoughts that follow. You’re such an icon of hope for me in this journey, and I cannot thank you enough for this video and all you do. Your approach to educating and distributing knowledge to your audience is so fantastic and is one of the healthiest available at the moment. Please keep doing what you do Chloe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me feel seen.

  3. When you answered the question about the first thing you noticed coming back and said “my laughter” I literally sobbed through that entire clip that followed. Wow. So powerful.

  4. Beautiful! You’re such an inspiration!! I think we need to make an ex vegan recovery group! I was vegan for 15 years until last December and it’s been incredible for my recovery and just my health in general. I also couldn’t agree more with you about feeling like yourself again, like a strong bad ass woman! I used to think i was introverted during my 15 years of my ED but when I tell people that now they laugh so hard because I’m extroverted and i love people and connection. Damn the ED for taking that away. All those reading and watching this content- CHOOSE recovery you won’t believe the limitless life that awaits you!

  5. Im so happy I found this video. Im in my late twenties and lost my period 3 years ago because of undereating and lots of activity (about 1800 calories, but also 1200 for about 6 months but kept my period, some days binging and some days fasting, because of the binge). I work out an hour a day low intensity and eating about 2000 calories a day for many months, gained a lot of weight doing this and feel so down. Im scared my period wont return, im scared i have to give up all excercise? My bmi is now at a higher end of "normal" . Is there a chance I will lose some of this weight? Does my body really have to go to an unhealthy bmi to get…healthy? I already have osteoporosis because of dieting for years and my doctor wants me to take hrt but I want my body to figure this out but im losing hope.

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