Who doesn’t like to see what other people purchase? What products someone swears by… what “must-have” items your internet bestie has in their house. I know I am always curious! I’ve noticed a trend with my online shopping since COVID (ahem, it’s increasing), and Amazon purchases seem far too easy with the app at my fingertips and our Prime account a press away.

Today I’m sharing a dozen items I’ve purchased (and some I continue to buy) from Amazon that I love and use regularly. It’s quite the mix-up, from my favorite coffee and coziest bedding to safer self tanner and Koba’s incredibly plush dog bed.

Please let me know if you purchase and end up loving one of these finds!

My Amazon Favorites

Bedsure Cotton/Linen Duvet Cover: I am obsessed with linen bedding and don’t know if I’ll ever use anything else. Linen bedding can be really pricey, so I was super excited to find this duvet + two pillow shams for under $70. They’re soft and airy – particularly great for warm summer nights – but also cozy in the colder winter months with another blanket or two. I am a sucker for all things grey and love the button details on this set, too.

Mayorga Organic Decaf Coffee: I had been on the hunt for a good dcaf for what felt like forever and so I was stoked when I found this coffee. I like my coffee bold and strong; I’ve wasted my money on so many decafs that are completely flavorless. Not only do these beans make a delicious cup of joe, but they’re also organic and decaffeinated by water processing (most decaf is often made by using chemicals – no thanks!). While I’m drinking mostly decaf these days, we always have a bag of the regular dark roast coffee on hand, too.

Beauty By Earth Self Tanner: My fair, freckled skin doesn’t fare well with a lot of sun exposure. And as I get older, I’m much more conscious of time spent in the sun. But who doesn’t love the look of sun-kissed, bronzed skin? This self tanner is not full of icky, toxic ingredients like most – it uses natural ingredients like organic shea butter and coconut oil that you can recognize and pronounce. Plus, it doesn’t make you look like an orange oompa loompa. A little goes a long way: one application is enough for me!

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub: My favorite facial cleanser, hands down. And for under $10 – yes please! We always have a bottle of this in our shower. I use it most days of the week, and while it is extremely exfoliating, it doesn’t strip my skin. While I love my Beautycounter products through and through, I’ve recommended this face scrub to many people already as it’s great for most skin types.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Herbal Healing Body Lotion: I started using this lotion when my eczema flares were more frequent. Luckily, it isn’t bothering me lately, but I still really like this body lotion. It’s gentle, soothing, smells lovely, and has a low rating on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database – key for me!

Pacifica Beauty Stellar Gaze Mascara: While I’m pretty minimalistic when it comes to makeup, I do love bold lashes. I really like this safer mascara as it’s not dry or clumpy. I layer it over a coat of the Lashfood Collagen Lash Primer to get the longest, most voluminous lashes I can get.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: I’m always looking for ways to add in quality sources of protein, and I find mixing a scoop of the unflavored collagen peptides into my morning cup of decaf or afternoon matcha latte an easy solution. I have a post all about why I love collagen peptides.

Tea Organizer: You could use this organizer endless ways I’m sure, but I keep it in the kitchen pantry to organize our selection of teas. There’s really not much more to it – I just like not having a bunch of random tea boxes in my cupboards, and this was a simple solution.

USA Pan Baking Sheets: USA pans are awesome! They’re made of commercial grade, heavy gauged aluminized steel with a nonstick silicon coating that’s PTFE, PFOA and BPA free. I use this large “cookie sheet” all of the time for roasting veggies, and my muffin pan is well used and loved. 

Collapsable Dog Food/Water Bowls: An inexpensive find that we use all of the time. Whether we’re hiking or road-tripping across the country, these silicone dog bowls are great as they’re collapsable and easy to clean. They come with a handy climbing buckle (hook) to attach to our backpacks for easy access when we’re on the trails.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: As my work is all online, I spend more time than I’d like in front of a screen; a cheap pair of blue light blocking glasses seemed like a smart choice in effort to prevent eye strain as much as possible. I think the big round shape is kind of fun, and they’re very lightweight.

Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler Dog Bed: Probably the softest dog bed ever, we splurged a little on this one (anything for Koba!). We got the biggest size possible (Donut XL 45″), and it’s perfect for our big, fluffy dog who loves to burrow. This dog bed has over 13,000 reviews on Amazon!


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