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My Acne Story: Birth Control Pills, Antibiotics, Retinol…


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Hi everyone! (:

Today I have a much awaited video (for ME)–sharing with you all my acne. I’ve gained inspiration from a lovely subscriber and also from new and very brave YTers who are sharing their stories with us on their severe acne and accutane experience. My acne is probably mild to somewhat moderate at times, but I know it could be a lot worst, and am thankful that it isn’t. Regardless, I think it’s important that we all realize that no matter what kind of acne you have–it effects us all the same.

I hope you found this video informational and as usual, feel free to leave any comments down below, or send me a message! Or, you can follow me on Twitter and become my new stalker…it’s LEGAL, haha, just kidding. 😉


My UPDATE on my SKINCARE ROUTINE (these products REALLY reduced my hyperpigmentation!):

*All of the information presented in the video is based on my own knowledge and experiences, I am not a doctor of any kind and any advice should be taken with precaution. Because remember–just because it did (or didn’t) work for me, doesn’t mean that it won’t (or will) work for you!*

See you all soon!


22 thoughts on “My Acne Story: Birth Control Pills, Antibiotics, Retinol…

  1. What really helped me and my acne is using a gentle skin cleanser Such as cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and an exfoliating brush of some sort and then use neutrogena acne stress control 3 in 1 hydrating acne treatment it helps alott and doesn't irritate my face
    The salicylic acid washes for ur face do not help becuz the salicylic acid cannot penetrate ur pores that quickly before it is washed off
    That is why the gel by neutrogena works so well for clearing

  2. I am using simplicite skincare (made in Australia, recently launched in usa) I found it calmed my acne down a lot. I have dry combination sensitive skin and do not have big breakouts often anymore. They have a trial pack with 6 basic products that lasts one month. They also may supply you samples for review if you are within their demographic. Thanks for sharing your videos, have been wondering about SKII! =]

  3. SK-II works, and it still works for me. My acne is purely hormonal, it's something that has to be "fixed" internally…if that makes sense! A lot of people have been asking me the same question, so I will be making an update video! I hope this answers your question, and I would definitely recommend the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion for acne skin! (:

  4. I know exactly how you feel and I agree with you….it doesn't matter how severe your acne maybe, it affects everyone no matter how the severity of their acne

  5. really appreciate this vid , i know how exactly u feel coz i hv same problem too , i use epiduo and it coz me really sensitive skin , now i dun really hv a lot of acne , but i keep hving tiny pimples and my skin is soosoo red all the time , i must use makeup to cover the redness .. and the scars …really been frustrated abt my skin..

  6. For me, if taking the pill is recommended by my doctor, I might just take it because it will be controlling my hormones, but I definitely don't plan on taking it for a long time, just until my hormones stabilize. Thank you for your comment! (:

  7. I'm no doctor but when I consulted my doctor about birth control she said it can actually help women remain fertile longer because what the pill does is make your body not release eggs with either the use of the hormones progesterone or estrogen or both. Therefore your body doesn't lose eggs every month because you aren't releasing them. Now I could be misinterpreting something that my doctor said but I just felt like sharing for you and everyone 🙂

  8. Taking birth control pills does not cause women to become infertile. My aunt took it for over ten years and she became pregnant right after she stopped.

  9. Hello,
    I came across your video on youtube and i to understand that acne can be such a headache to deal with on top of everything else in life. I don't know if you have tried this yet but one thing i do and it has been my go to acne solution is a honey mixture. I combine honey, olive oil, lemon juice and regular sugar in a bowl and put it on my face for about 15-20 min. It can be a little sticky but its worth it. There is not perfect amount of how much you should add but just make sure its kind of a scrub and not too liquidy. This will take away breakouts within a few days and help with toning your skin and leaving it really soft. I suggest doing this once a night if you decide to try it. Good luck tell me how it goes if you do decide : )

  10. I'm so happy someone said this. I've been thinking if I just think anyone else did! Obviously if you have severe acne it's worse, but it effects your life and your self confidence and happiness levels no matter how bad it is.

  11. So I have had horrible acne before, and it has gotten somewhat better but I take an antibiotic, birth control for hormone levels, Tazorac .5% ($500), and benzoyl peroxide 10% and it is still pretty bad. It kills your self esteem, and makes you hate being around people. I have tried proactive, clean and clear, and all over the counter medicines but I love Biore face washes. So needless to say I know how you feel, and it sucks.

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