Mount Galbraith Park / Photo © 2021 Jason A. Muckley

Mount Galbraith (Golden, CO)
Trails traveled: Cedar Gulch Trail, Nightbird Gulch Trail, Difficulty: Blue (Moderate),
Out-n-Back 3.3 miles, round-trip
Time: 1 hours, 30 minutes
Weather: 85 °F, Sunny, Clear

  • Sunny
  • Windy
  • Warm
  • Wildflowers
  • Busy
  • Heavy Traffic
  • Grasshoppers
  • Butterflies

I am sick of staying inside and sitting around. My knees and back, really all of my joints are getting stiff from sitting so much. About half the time I work from home, and the other half of the time I am in the office. In both places I am sitting way too much.

I got out on the trail today and found that two years ago I went to the same park, Mount Galbraith in Golden, CO. I did a different trail from two years ago, but the conditions were probably the same. It was very sunny, little cloud cover, and this hike is exposed with little tree cover.

The trail was mobbed with people. There were lots of larger groups and few solo hikers like me. Lots of dogs on the trail too. The nice part of the like was the cool breeze. This early in the season, any of the wind is cooler compared to later in the season when any wind is like blowing hot air around.

The heat was nice as we have had lots of rain and even snow the past few weeks. The trail was completely dry. There wasn’t any mud that sometimes hampers spring hiking. The trail was also dotted by all kinds of wildflowers, purple, white, yellow, as well as some prickly pear cactus. I didn’t see any blooms on the cactus so it might be too late in the season already.

There was also lots of grasshoppers and butterflies out pollinating all the wildflowers which is always a nice treat. It was great to get outside, stretch the legs, and lubricate the joints. It was a short and quick hike compared to some of my usual hikes, but it was a good way to get in some cardio and get the heart pumping.

Parry’s Bellflower / Photo © 2021 Jason A. Muckley
Parry’s Bellflowers / Photo © 2021 Jason A. Muckley


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