mRNA vs Immunity: Dr. Astrid Lefringhausen on Risk Benefit Ratio of COVID Vaccines – Ask Dr. Drew

“It is truly disturbing that treatments recommended by doctors in America, some of them having successfully treated COVID-19 patients, including very sick patients, have not been investigated in Australia,” says a paper co-authored by Dr. Astrid Lefringhausen. “Yet here in Australia the recommendation is to isolate and monitor yourself.” ••「 CALL IN & LINKS: 」••

Dr. Astrid Lefringhausen is an Australian doctor with a PhD in Microbiology and Biochemistry and a Doctorate in Molecular Biology / Virology. She has decades of international industry experience in molecular biology, stem cell therapy, and immunology.
(Dr. Lefringhausen is not currently active on social media)

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The CDC states that “the i-word” and “the h-word” are not effective for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19.
The CDC states that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and reduce your risk of severe illness. Hundreds of millions of people have received a COVID-19 vaccine, and serious adverse reactions are uncommon. Portions of this program may examine countervailing views on important medical issues. You should always consult your personal physician before making any decisions about your health.

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Ask Dr. Drew is produced by @kalebnation ( and Susan Pinsky ( This show is for entertainment and/or informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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By admin

34 thoughts on “mRNA vs Immunity: Dr. Astrid Lefringhausen on Risk Benefit Ratio of COVID Vaccines – Ask Dr. Drew”
  1. Keep in mind that Dr. Viki Male is from Imperial College, the same institution that pushed Neil Ferguson's wildly inaccurate models about how covid was going to kill 50 million people world wide. They both represent an institution that, in my opinion, is bought and paid for by the entities pushing the "official" covid narrative. That should raise quite a few red flags for anyone who has been following this for the last three years.

  2. Dr Robert Morse. Cures everything. Detox the body. Lymph system. He’s The Living Legend!! Pay Attention!! Let it Burn!! Lights

  3. Data data data can be manipulated! I used to work in a hospital and make number go away! Imagine what Big pharma does with shares holders round a table! Ffs

  4. Dr Drew/Dr Vctory or anyone Food for thought! The LNP made up of fats cholesterol! Have so many people now with high cholesterol could this be the cause when the body absorbs LNP!? Anyone!

  5. Need to get John Cullen on that made the mapping database for Johns Hopkins and CDC. Let him explain some Data.

  6. Would love for you to interview someone who is studying the AZ vaccine – are the issues the same as for mRNA. I am especially interested in how intact the vial contents remain.

  7. Wish I could find the paper I saw years ago that stated children brought up on farms or with pets had far better immune systems – now they want to separate man from animal – in the name of protection. You have got to see behind this curtain.

  8. What I don't understand with the TDS is how these people completely forgot operation warp speed. That particular medical intervention was strongly tied to the orange man, wouldn't that be enough to avoid it for good?

  9. Thank you Dr Drew for hosting Dr Astrid L.
    Regarding your question about the risk: benefit ratio for older people having the c-vid jabs, I've learnt some immunogical truth from listening to Professor Clancy.
    He has a lifetime of integrity and expertise in mucosal immunity .
    He has explained that a respiratory virus attaches itself to our mucosal surfaces in nose, oropharynx and then lungs.
    This produces IgA antibodies that recruit killer T cells to destroy virally infected cells.

    Giving a jab into the body activates the systemic immunity, with IgM, IgG, and IgE antibodies along with the compliment cascade and cytokine storm.
    It doesn't affect the mucosal tissues, nor stimulate immunity there, where it's needed. It doesn't cause production of IgA antibodies.

    Therefore, there is no possible benefit from a body jab for a respiratory virus.
    If they brought out an attenuated protein viral product that you could sniff into your sinuses, that would make sense for infection prophylaxis, but not a body jab.

    I've come to realise what a lie and Pharma scam it was to encourage us to take flu vax at work every year…a respiratory virus (which I never had in my life) which needs mucosal immunity stimulated for us to not be made unwell when we're exposed to the virus, AND while we're susceptible to illness.

    Not all of us are susceptible to infection.
    Some of us never get colds, or if we do, we shake it off in two days.
    My dad has probably had three colds in his whole working life, and he would be wiped out for a day or two, but would start sinus lavage with warm salt water, leaning over the bath to facilitate the process.
    He'd bounce back to his usual athletic self again, and be back at work on the third day.🇭🇲

  10. I am a Queenslander in Australia. Yes. The Senators who are fighting for the ridiculous mandates are: Senators, Roberts, Rennick, Babic and Antic. I lost my state position as a Child Protection Officer this time last year due to my concerns with these shots. My employer was draconian in nature and ruled with an iron fist, despite my willingness to do anything to keep my job. Despite the fact I worked front line for the first year of the so called 'pandemic'. It is disgusting. Never forget, never forgive, never again.

  11. The Covid-19 so called pandemic was a power grab! You can say whatever you want it was exactly that! When many leaders of the world began to sing out of the same hymn book, I knew something else was going on!!

  12. The more money we dump into the medical system, the more unhealthy we get! The countries with the most money and "best" medical systems are the most unhealthy! If this isnt an indictment and failure of our medical system, I don't know what it will take to wake people up! We have a captured and weaponized system! We need to create our own, fact based system! Ditch conventional insurance, which just incentivized this type of care. Pay doctors to keep you HEALTHY, not keeping you sick! Everything is backwards and upside down!

  13. Dr. Drew is a COVID-19 misinformation grifter. Astrid Lefringhausen wrote a pseudoscientific paper in a predatory journal about COVID-19 vaccines, which are actually reducing severity of disease by causing memory B and T cell responses against inactivated spike proteins. Ignore the lies of Dr. Drew and his platforming of anti-vaccine propagandists like Lefringhausen and Turni.

    Astrid, stop trying to undermine the scientific expertise of the immunologist Viki Male. The benefit-risk ratio of mRNA vaccines is favorable based on peer-reviewed journals.

  14. To people who say the virus does not exists….it does…after 3 years of being lucky…I got it….and did what Dr.Zelenko adviced…long covid is real too…God help us

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