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Moving Beyond Requesting (Part 2): Combining Feature, Function, and Category Concepts

2-Descriptor Set: The first set has 2-descriptors per card. Each card combines two inter-mixed feature, function, or category concepts. Learners must think critically about both descriptors to rule each possible answer “in” or “out”. In IEPs, I often describe this as “inclusion and exclusion criteria”, especially when discussing category knowledge.  For example, in the first image to the right, the correct answer is ‘milkshake’. Learners must recognize that while sugar and chocolate syrup are sweet, they are not drinks. Similarly, while water is a drink, it is not sweet. In the second picture, learners will likely rule out the coat quickly, however, they must think and understand that while people do wear ties and aprons in the summer, they are not specifically summer clothing. As students become more accurate with these 2-descriptor cards, I like to extend the activity by asking a follow-up question (e.g. Can you think of a second summer clothing or sweet drink?) and turn it into an expressive naming task.

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