Moms Pump Wearable Breast Pump Review

Do you need more flexibility when you pump breast milk for your baby? Here’s a complete review of the Moms Pump wearable breast pump that fits in your bra!

Moms Pump wearable breast pump on a white background with text overlay Moms Pump wearable breast pump review

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What is the Moms Pump breast pump?

Moms Pump is a wearable breast pump that you put in your nursing bra. You can turn it on and pump while you do other things around the house or at work.

It’s small, there are no wires to worry about, and it’s easy to use.

In the below stories you can see what the pump looks like and how it works:

What are the pros of Moms Pump?

Here are some of the advantages of this breast pump:

  • Mobility! This pump fits in your bra and it’s really easy to care for your baby or get other things done while you pump.
  • It’s easy to change vacuum strength and mode while you’re wearing the pump.
  • The breast shields are made of silicone, and some parents find them more comfortable than plastic flanges.
  • It’s easy to take the pieces apart and clean everything.
  • The pump is less expensive than many other wearable pumps (like the Willow or Elvie).
  • This pump can hold 8oz of milk, which is more than most wearables.
moms pump breast pump with 8 oz of water in it

The company told me it would hold 250ml and that seemed like a lot to me. Because I’m a nerd, I filled this with 8oz of water to test it out. They’re right!

What are the disadvantages of Moms Pump?

There are also a few cons:

  • Only one breast shield size is available – 24mm. If you need a larger or smaller size, this pump may not work for you. (They are working on additional flange sizes.) More on breast shield sizing here.
  • The company doesn’t sell replacement parts for this pump on their website. (When I asked about this, they said that you can contact them if you lose a piece or need replacements.)
  • If you do pump more than 8oz, the pump may overflow, and it’s difficult to see while wearing the pump how much is in it.

Moms Pump breast pump review – what’s the bottom line?

While I probably wouldn’t recommend this as the only pump for an exclusive pumper or working parent, it definitely can be useful for the right person!

Some examples of people I would recommend it for include:

  • Stay-at-home parents who only pump for infrequent separations from their baby (like date night, etc.)
  • Exclusive pumpers who struggle to care for their baby while pumping (some babies have reflux and need to be held upright after feedings, which can be difficult with a traditional pump). This pump makes this much easier.
  • Parents who need to pump often in the car – for example, if you are in sales or a speech therapist and spend part of your workday going from site to site. It can also work well for pumping during your commute.

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Have you tried the Moms Pump wearable breast pump? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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