I am a molten man;

My flabby, molten face

Is looking up at you

As you beam down from space.


I used to look quite nice

When common sense ruled here,

In times we did not trash

The assets of this sphere.


You visitors would see

A smart, contented Earth,

Which knew instinctively

How to respect its worth.


But sadly man has struck

And chopped and ground to dust

The goodness of the place

To satisfy his lust.


He has consumed and fouled

Resources everywhere

And spread his poison through

The planet and its air.


So now I drip like wax

And vanish in the heat,

And we, my welcome friends,

Will have no chance to meet.


For we have lost the right

To populate this globe,

Whose thriving silhouette

Our kind chose to disrobe.


So now it’s up to you

To turn this ship around,

To mend the atmosphere

And consecrate the ground.

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