Modern Women Make TERRIBLE Partners

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21 thoughts on “Modern Women Make TERRIBLE Partners

  1. I've been raising my son on my own, while his mom was running around like a 304. I never asked her for a penny. When we were together the only thing I ever asked if her was to be available for our son. It was too much for her, so now that he's about to turn 17 and has no connection or interest in his mom. He's about to become an Eagle Scout, he's anxious to join the world and start making money, and gets good grades. If I had ended up staying with her, he'd be held down and held back, and I wouldn't have a house, half my money, a truck, OR my son. I haven't always made good decisions, and I've paid my debts for those bad choices from my past. As it turns out, I even paid for some of her bad decisions.
    I'm not complaining, though. I wouldn't change a thing.

  2. This is why men really don't approach women. The good guys aren't going to approach you if you're going to be a weak or attention seeking person and call them a harasser because you want to get attention or be to weak to say no "thank you, leave me alone ".

  3. Both China and India have a leftover woman problem due to the fact that modern women have become too picky! Yes women in China and India which both have more men then women are so picky they get left behind because they don't feel the men are their equals.

  4. Gosh how do, the many *imps out there manage and idolise the increasing number of annoying ratchets? Because no real man, with options will commit to such – fun they may have but oh gosh!!Girls generally cannot take the truth. The modern feminist movement have done a fantastic job in brainwashing today's girls from a young age, in believing they are equal if not better to their male counterparts and deserve happiness regardless, as in, they is no such thing as consequences to their actions. Modern society is doomed

  5. I'm think Pearl has been getting hit with that night stick. I wouldn't expect a white woman to have the perspective she has and actually be bold and blunt enough to podcast it. Love it.

  6. Western women want everything and 0 responsibility for anything. Decent good value men should avoid every single one of them, that's why men go to Thailand, Vietnam Philippines and other countries to find a decent woman, not talking about amazing women just decent

  7. On God, I only realised the reality of female culture when I had my son. Looking at life through his eyes completely changed how saw I both roles being played out. It so sad the amount of shit men have to put up with.

  8. I'm called an ass hole by alot of people not because I'm mean but because I'm very straight forward. I'm so ok with that. Too many people now want you to cater to their feelings. I have no time for that

  9. Break down of family ties and traditions is why there is no shame, when you dont care what your family or friends think about you then you cant really be shamed

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