Because the mind is
a meticulous eraser.
Having no earthly

idea why that which
he’s so creepily remem
bered is that which

was, or that which 

it has come to be
known as, irrelevant,

if not inaccurate or a
gross mischaracteriza
tion. I’ll have you know

I’ve known (a)sh.  Which
is either a proper, per
haps, Human, name,

or the next likely, an
electricity symptom:
“You have to train

the water to come
to you!” And they
came to be known

as Bodiglio Asse,
with a few exple
tives thrown in for,

well, this was only
the first rehearsal
for the performance.

Nobody had ever even
heard of this Bodigliio
. Until then.

Wimp & Superheroi

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