An Esteemed Lack of Controversy

is generally boring.
high-falutin’ love
is as mundane as
ennui. we agree,

shake hands with
a firm grip into
each other’s

then scratch
our heads over
why such a yawn
is held up as ideal

for time immemorial.
no wonder the check-
out lanes wallpapered
with tabloids. no won

der the us versus them.
no wonder the green
that’s grabbed by
getting our goats

on the glossy
subways of
the virtual.
but that’s

what a fraud
to live so easy
face to face

only to hop
onto our alternate
realities, be spoonfed
bait that makes us

hungry for war?
and with whom?
cartoons? or else
the network of animated

avenues has us each
craving fluffed robotic
swells of puff. our
heads gone poof

into powder like
some ugly god
stepped on us.
look at me!

strip these
idols of the
punched into

existence by
the slave labor
from which these
monsters were

born. set yourself
free. look at me
and see my eyes.
yours are dazzling

and have
set me

look at me

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