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Some Not-So-Professional Advice

Everyone, good
Rotten ones,
Everybody. Get
Stoned! You probably heard correctly, that’s right. I said
Engage with the ganja, get
Done up, blazed, crunked and/or zaded

If that’s your pleasure. And if it’s generally not, but you’re generally
Sad? Well, this formerly paranoid, once persnickity,

Not-so-fierce advocate of being chopped, faded or generally
Obliterated suggests you might just get chopped, faded or obliterated. And
Then maybe even huggied (?). I

This with some newfound experience.  So try on some quasi-pseudo-antidisestablishmentarian
Obliteration; get steeched, chonged or otherwise blowed one down-and-out
Night or one down-and-out day, or hey, maybe even a whole super-low year. I’ve yet to 

Embark upon an entire year, I will admit, but I’ve known some long-term yatsdenots, and they 
Do seem relatively and fairly consistently happy.

depressed is not stony

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