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bigger ideas about smaller distances.

     a. nothing goes first (pay no heed to order)
          I leave my wallet on the lawn
          then my heart changes

                             —Sophia Dahlin

     b. let’s get theoretical and have a blast doing so

     c. let’s make lists to end all lists (with only that goal in mind)
Don’t matter what I’m thinking.

Always on top is that don’t matter.

Matter, then.  All matter.  Be.  Show (Scene) . Create relevance.

Hold hard to one-of-a-kind (not the hardest, by all means not the hardest),

make, do (never make do!), also, connect the dots, stuff like geography, cinematography, poetics, architecture, the mind of any museum (all of them!), diet (living forever!), planets (planetary escalation, planetary orchestration, planetary integration, BALANCE (all times. feel. meditate.), FEEL, foregone,

take a breath take a break feel FEEL

okay, now listen. take a breath take a break feel FEEL

nothing goes without saying.

everything always goes (fine, e.g.: multiverse).

Always.   always.   ALL WAYS.  find them be them all in them all in them always.

only I exist (i) (only) (always look directly at this, it is not

NO ANARCHY in everything anarchy physics is anarchy always remember and look at this at all times.

A line is space within a space

(space is all.  space is open. space is nothing. pace is all.  nothing.)

it’s a living, life.  live live (sound out if I’ve).  live live (sound out I’ve if).

Choice is non-existent choice is existence laugh at this in all ways always it is not irony press hard for pleasure aha press.

What is seen from any point on this path is all beauty but not only beauty and also everything except beauty.  Everything can be seen.  Always.  You will never forget to breathe.  Don’t forget to see.  Memory is.  See and be seen is not.

See and be seen by any means.

some additional tenants:
  1. always be on
  2. pay no heed
  3. all is always.
  4. always is always on
  5. capable of swimming through the impossible anarchy
  6. structure goal do be all see open
  7. as long as you want
  8. (want is all / nothing stops / never is / never does)
  9. structure goal do be all see open close doesn’t matter
10. open close doesn’t matter
11. open
11. open it up (up is down) (close up)
10. close
  9. i am all.  all are brief.  brief is all.  all is simple.  knowledge is all.
  8. i am all knowledge.
  1. i am all knowing never no always no. no and yes are all and nothing.
Scene.  (end of moving outward to accommodate everything).
Oh yes there is never a need to express everything all is always expressed and experimented (as with open as with close as with open it as with close it as with open up as with close up)


today concentrate on brief.

the brief equation; laws of brevity; endless brevity.

brevity is concentration.

i am was.  born only once.  stop anywhere.  now erase this space. (try!)

this is a good place to start stop.  continue.

it is always okay.  this is a good place to stop.
continue.  retinue.
all dice move to spaces forward (aha this is a good finish)
Do Not (Ever) [Explain?  Yes.   Exclaim.]
find all laughter (in everything is nothing)
(everything here fill it in all is already)
H breath whispers I is heavy and moves / try it always
dove cinder block

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