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small thoughts on big distance.

I ask (this is me always asking) how we might hold on to the moment (this is me always responding) and I respond just like how we’re holding on at this moment like prawns slung from rafters their little brain bulb wreaking havoc on the magic of the theater as they concentrate it all within the last few fan fins of their tails which are magically gripping the rafters while hanging suspended but never falling or always falling yes always falling (my answer is their answer) always falling every single moment and I wonder how we

might even hold on to each other from opposing hemispheres (same body you always say same body same body I almost catch that optic that cloak of optimal) I wonder without asking or thinking because it’s trouble you even hear me say or know I think anything but the limitless possibilities (maybe you are the only one who can know, is how you make me ecstatic proclaiming from all distances). only you can only you will it’ll be you teaching me, imagine imagine) imagine imagine it imagination is possibility times power times you times me and maybe only you maybe only me I think maybe only you and me and we are all.

even imagine the hundreds of thousands of millions of miles we are my hand from your all-knowing grasp (it is, this is, really, about optimism if not about you or me or anything else in or out of this world or the many, many, many, many worlds of others that float through and toward and between and back and forth as if to taunt me at what’s so easy for them so easy for them so impossible) possible (it’s impossible) probable (hopeful hope and hope and hope) and I watch the sounds and say the words until they come back to eat me (look now, it’s happening) for me and for you (do not include me in this, but you without me? you without me?) mouth of my black gaping cavernous echoing eclipse of a

cradle (a spindle) a cradle! the look you convey is always yes, it is yes and yes and yes yes yes you idiot, like how I am always suiting and contorting for the upping of the anti that is (I literally think) isn’t this when we up the anti (I literally think)? I literally think until I think I am thinking am nothing but exist or exits? exes (axes? axis?

[so now I suit up for the upping]

(or the downing) how can I hear you how can i hear you say how can i hear can i hear you say the upping of the other upping or the downing of the down or the up of the up or just (or just) the upping, look at us, we are never together apart never a part of but all of together (altogether) (always) (always altogether) (always always always) like (I

literally think) how one hemisphere always cradles the other in its long and laving tendrilled trembling still formulating long and laving chalk-dusted loving arms.

like how one hemisphere always gently cradles the other in its long and loving arms. we. master of us. our hearts space. our minds tendon. or minds tend and that, that keeps us we. and keeping we us. and keeping we us. and keeping we us. we must we must we nothing but dust. I will think like you until my head is no longer my head, nor was never, nor ever will be. always always. loving only one: what it is that when combined or put together or kept apart we become, as one,

like how one always cradles the other. like how one always gently unfurls its long and loving always craven arms and cradles the other.

like how one hemisphere always gently cradles the other,

a curl of curds or further softer curls, a soft and incomplete and never finished head of thick and wavy and matter of fact, matter of universe hair. our being it cradles now being a being that can and only the only being that will, like one hemisphere that presses gently the other hemisphere until their hearts their hearts combine into touch and mirror as if to demonstrate all of the extra possibilities that are always left when and as and how and when and

when and how and as (and how!) how one sphere and one sphere are always magically holding each other up and apart and up and at it, how and like, like and how

the one hemisphere is always no matter the cost no matter the risk ever so gently cradling the other in its long and viscous and elaborate and infinite and timeless porous and gaseous and armored and boundless unbounded (no boundaries) arms.

danger do not enter will no ill will

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