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Sunken Anchor

if personhood is shaped by persons
we don’t do a solid job of it
            —Sophia Dahlin

I saw the news.
Today I heard
the news a little.
Today a little
news, sewn
into my lapel;
I heard a news
report while
wearing shorts.
What news?
Aha! A news
bulletin! The
news, a bullet
in. I saw some
news. The news
had holes. A
hole in one?
So, the news?
One internation-
al bit about the
breeze. The
Seven Seas.
A short retort.
Hot flashes!
Rest assured,
no news is
good. Gnu
news is not
but just a blip.
And what a clip
if presses hit
(depress) the
snoozes. Dis
guy says the
noose a neck-
lace, espies
canoes is. A
nutter year.
He fears she
hear ye pen
knee dare.

the news it stunk

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