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“Hey, guess what?!”

right now i have this thing,
you see, if telling you a little
something of me, a

craving, you might rightfully
call it, of a little bit of nothing
or a terrible lot of everything,

such as, for example, my lap
top, it feels, about as if it’s
on its very last legs. and

you might say, “but laptops
don’t have legs,” and then
I’d say “how right you are!”

and tell you a bit about my
very own, the ones upon
which I am

when I am walking, which
mostly, in point of fact, do
that walking literally for me,

how today they’re really very
sore from walking here and
there and more, and if you’d

chime in with “how come?”
there’s more, so much more
that I would then tell,

like “I’ll tell you how come,”
and go on about work, my
job, the means with which

I assume I’ll get paid,
which I started only
yesterday, which as

I recall, was a gleaming
Tuesday. “Right you are,”
and “Congrats!” you’d say,

which’d almost whelm me as
it were, because only just atop
this very week did I have at

this place my first interview,
that is with this lovley part
icular crew, as in reality

I’d had such interviews
(except never had these
been in person at all,

they’d mostly been on
the cellphone as a call,
or mostly, rather a face-

to-face via video, for
safetey’s sake, you see,
thanks to the pandemical

world in which now we
exist) this past couple of’
months that, I counted

amounted to twenty
and two, so here I
am spending some

time here with you,
dwelling quite heavily
on interview number

twenty-three, that is
the 23rd one I had
had in roundabout

this past 2.5 months.
And why was I saying
this, now I remember,

it’s all because you are
standing right here
next to me and

out of nowhere I
couldn’t but hanker
to talk about me,

just to tell you a little
of what’s going on
now that it’s been so

long that I’ve spent
by myself in my
room just waiting

and working toward
this very moment
to happen. Thank

you for being here,
you’re such a dear.
I’m so happy you

made it, as if that
weren’t clear. And
now I work regularly

like a person, how
awesome it is to
be able to tell you

that not very small
bit about who I am
right now; everything

seems a bit strange
it turns out, most
especially, I’m sure

thanks to various
things going on
in the world that

have kept me (I
must some sad
ness relay) from

not only seeing
you like this,
what had

most of forever
seemed perfectly
normal, but also

because this
fair news I
just told you

is the most news
I’ve uttered to
anyone’s face

in what seems
far too long,
it’s in fact

made me most
undeniably dizzy,
so don’t go just yet

if you kindly don’t
mind, let me make
you a drink, that’s

if you don’t mind,
and please join me,
somewhere there’s

a bottle of wine
we can sip, I
insists, and well

just spend all the
evening as we
spend all the

evening and some
of the night just
talk of ourselves,

you and me, it’ll
be just the the
thing to do to

help smooth all
the mess of the
past several months

just to talk about us,
and in so doing we’ll 

forget about time

and what was and
just be, what a fine way
to live again, and to unwind.


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