whiz aplomb
(a waltz; for l
ack of further

dis crumply
tis [of thee].

uh, thi
s need
s work.)

okay, so the
title has been
offered so now

please forget
it as it’s 100%
irrelevant (or

is it?) (damn,
sorry, just ki
dding, it is) (i

rrelevant, i
mean). let
me start a

gain. okay,
so it’s better
today to use

a phrase like
sustained inn

disruptive any
thing is the pr
emise here. i

can see that,
but let’s not
even begin t

o deny such
such innova

shin is always
at play, and in
terms of old, a

s in old school
business, or e
ven just the n

otion of old fa
– esp
ecially in bid

ness – that
which brings
in the dough,

so to speak
(which i’m
not. speak

ing, that is),
in terms of
old anything,

things beco
me flatulent,
a fragment,

stagnant; i
cannot read
my own wri

thing here.
today, the
savvy are

mostly al
ways look
ing for any

chinks in t
he armour,
our armoire,

are houri, o
ur own per
sonal arm

our, let’s ju
st leave it
at that for

the savvy
today are

just lookin’
for chinks
in our arm

our, are al
ways looki
n’ for such

chinks, and
i do mean al
ways, and th

ere just so hap
pen to always
be words, such

as always, that
i cannot for the
life of me figure

out what i meant
to have written it
to mean, though it

was just earlier
this morning. to
continue, i do me,

an always better
and more colorful
and more lucrative

way of reaching
that stated or des
ired goal, or of co

mpletely erad
icating the sa
id goal, of ma

king sure one
that’s in the s
ame family pe

rhaps as the old
goal, but has mo
re panache and/or

most often necess
arily gets the job d
one (and better and

faster and cheaper
… am i missing so
mething, like clean

er or clearer? yeah,
more than likely.).
and, let’s be clear

here, the cheaper
can, indeed, be ch
eaper, even as mil

lions of consumers
are most often mor
e than willing to dol

e out more money
for the faster, the
tastier, the more

efficient aspects of
the hypthetical is
sue. it is (or did

i write is it?) a no-
win for the tried a
nd true? The staid

mechanisms if which
time and tide have b
een proven to work

after all? do i eve
have to work? what’

s an office? what is
and here’s an area,
situated here specif

ically for its destru
shin and, boy what
an area it is for dis

rupting for any cha
nge to its being, its
process, its ecology

for disrupting, for
destroying, for reb
uilding it in one’s i

mage, for your per
sonal priorities, for
your business prior

ities, for just because
i wanna priorities, with
whom should one speak?

Are there any bots or a
multitude of bots or even
more bots plus robots wit

which to hug our consumers?
To what should we most often
nonsequitur? To whom might

one beg? You, my friends, are
getting the idea. I can see a g
limmer in your eye, the left one,

at least, the one that seems al
ways to be looking right at me.
You’re in the know, aren’t you?

Yeah, you know what, you’re
not only in the know but you
know perfectly well that you

do that thing that you do,
and how it gets! me. the
streetlamp. all the cats an

d dogs. other people. ev
erything. you know what
‘s imp and what’s non-pro

blematically ignored, you
know what’s in, and you
‘re perhaps aware of the

deus ex machina that’s
so obviously coming (a
nd soon!). These are y

our tried and true and
seminal and boring
was you’ve been coun

ting on for who knows
how long just to be ce
rtain that what needs

to get done gets done.
right? soon, each and
every one of us left w

ill be the grunts you’ve
enslaved to ever so gle
efully and effortlesslly u

p the ante, to change th
e universe, making ever
y rockin’ day as if it were

the last, as if nobody’d ev
er realized that the night
mares we all have could

rather be used to wash
and wear, or did i simply
write to weather, or

maybe it’s whatever,
but i think what it re
ally says is wagon wh

ee. yes, unlike hum
ans who are exactly l
ike me, i cannot spot

one of you sad sacks,
in, like an instant, so
please kindly tell me

if you’d’ve been rath
er generous: the ch
it that I shouldn’t’ve

given up today was
so generous that I’m
being like that last

remaining, only just
now found, of my long
gone species? should i

not quite simply and post
haste give up immediate
ly? so the question beef

ore you is should I give
up today? And if so, up
on what should I insist

then, tomorrow? And
did all the machines,
and all of the process

es, and did all of the
trees, and did all of t
he transport services,

and did all of the beac
es, and did all of the go
vernment agencies, and

did all of the all of the
dates and did all of the
plants and did all of the

nuts, decide, along with
you, because that’s exa
ctly what they were all

made to do, make this,
this, this, repentantly d
istasteful decision for me.

And will, so far, the new
year even, because by
then, I’ll have all of my

pockets filled with neu
vo cash, and I’ll be wo
rking on a four star re

staurant, on a cruise s
hip, or else I’ll be a gu
est on the same cruise,

or, say, which word m
ight soon be available
for sale, by which i me

an what planet should i
colonize, come on, you
can tell me, it’ll be our

little secret, and pronto,
and what new or imme
iately impending anoma

lies should i, meaning we,
be worried about, or be pre
paring for, or be looking for

ward to, and what are the
ways we can make ourselv
es the best we can be at th

e properest of times so tha
t we may receive what we
then will receive in the most

appropriate man her, so as
to indicate that we men are
merely dicks? how swift and

how economical might, if we
we put our best efforts and a
ll of our energies together, m

ight we assist your universal
entity in order to achieve this
goal? Why, you really are the

best, is what i’m nearly certain
is what you’ll be saying next. Be
cause I really am about to be sav

ing your ridiculous waste of life,
a life of foul will, a life if little p
ills, a dour life that i shall neve

r put one once of effort into 
pushing into a piece of pap
er, even it were toilet paper. 

because, no anomaly, me, i 
worked out that i’d come to
your rescue, despite all the 

thougts you might have to 
the contrary, despite your 
complete lack of faith in 

humanity and us non-hu
man losers, that while y
ou’re at it, and what was 

your name again? might
ght you direct me to the 
nearest all-inclusive, om

nisexually-safe (meaning 
both omnisexual and safe) 
lavatory? or to the near

est whizzable roof; roof capable
of whizzability; the whizzing
roof? so that I can

take a piss while sim
ultaneously doing my
self the favor of

having a qu
ick and dirty

the watt over the y

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