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Mirena birth control may be causing complications in women

Sarah’s IUD perforated her uterus and floated into her abdomen. Doctors had to perform surgery to remove it.
Sara is one of thousands who say they’ve had complications with this birth control.


12 thoughts on “Mirena birth control may be causing complications in women

  1. Wrong. It clearly states in the accompanying paperwork the risks that are involved by using the Mirena. Over 2million users and less than 60k complaints. Of those complaints are acne, migraines, backaches and a plethora of other ailments that are common with mensuration. Way to over-exagerate. I currently have a Mirena, my 2nd. I had 2 copper IUDs previously. I wouldn't recommend any other BC. No one thing is perfect for every one.

  2. i have this and no periods hardly ever for past 3 years, every now and then spotting. its past time to get it removed but it has done its job and all ive had is lower abdominal pain sometimes even though i have no period. i did have a surgery though to have an endemetrioma removed from my ovary a few years ago and have had sharp pains every since so not sure if uts the IUD. i think next ill try nexplanon in the arm, idk i just dont like having all that funny business down insertion of mirena was absolutley painful because normally a woman has just given birth vaginally when they are placed and i had a C-sec because of no dialation and this made it more painful as my cervix was not recently dilated like most women who get them 6wks post baby

  3. My wife has arthritis that is due to the Mirena. She had no history in the past, her father at 80 y/o had a knee replacement a few months ago. She needs both hips replaced but doctors won't perform the surgery because she's only 47. She won't take pain meds only advil and tylenol but that doesn't really help and isn't good long term. This product has been terrible for us, she was extremely active before and now has a hard time doing anything without serious pain.

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