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Minoxidil in the treatment of androgenetic Alopecia
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In Episode 7, Dr Vikram Jayaprakash and Dr Russell Knudsen discuss the role of Minoxidil in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia. We will discuss how it works, the ways it can be administered and the things to look out for.


44 thoughts on “Minoxidil in the treatment of androgenetic Alopecia

  1. Thank you doctors for this important information. I'm Sanjeewan from Dubai. I just wanted to ask as I just done my transplant just 13 days ago and would it be ideal to use oral minoxidil as to support quicker and thicker hair growth and to increase the density. If so, I would be much appreciated if you could suggest name of any brand. 🙏

  2. So, I’m 18, hair started to thin around certain areas when I was in late 16. Some areas like the crown and the hair part noticeably thinner than the rest of the hair. Should I use the topical foam ?

  3. Thank you for this Show and useful information.
    I Just have a question :
    Does Long Term Use of Minoxidil change the colour of Hair?
    And If yes what should I do to avoid this thing and thank you in advance.

  4. Hi, please can you point me to the right video will help me work out the type of hair loss I have, I need to see a Doctor but current traveling around Europe. I had covid last November and started shedding more hair, around Feb I noticed I was a lot thinner, and visible along parting, hair line, and v"s at each side of forehead. I assumed it was from covid and would get better. Back in May I had a high fever around 40' for over a week. in June I started a keto/fasting diet. In July I went to the hairdressers to get hair done for traveling Croatia, hairdresser told me I had a bald patch above the ear which has got a lot bigger over the last 5 weeks to just over a rough circle of 2 inch, been taking regular photos for the doc when I get back in September. I'm. just trying to educate myself , so I don't make anything worse, or slow it down. Im watching a lot of your videos and others on YouTube, I can't see that you have a video showing the difference between, shedding, loss, alopecia, telogen. From research so far, I found that covid, high temperature, keto , stress, too much alcohol, can cause this, but ive had all of these in the last 12 months. Thank you for your informative videos, even though I can't do much now, its helping watching them !

  5. Does anyone know if this drug produces side effects or impacts stuff like
    1. Dark circles under eyes.
    2. Prostate problems
    3. Irritable bowel syndrome
    4. Gynaecomastia
    5. Any other forms of brain problems or Cancer.

  6. Great info!! And for most part i agree but if you dont think there not getting a kik back from minox/ finesstride your bery niave…nothing is freee….but ill give them props they discuise it very well!!…trust me no 2 doctors are doing this for free…think about it!!

  7. Uhhh ive been shedding for a little over 3 months and its making my hairline BAD i cant tell if its a shed (which would be a good sign) or if the destruction from the androgens have been kicked into overdrive? Either way, its been a nail-biting experience, it’s led me to stacking RU for extra protection so here’s hoping

  8. Very informative video thank you Doctors. I'm using minoxidil2%today fifteen days running and i noticed my hair texture is improved. No extreme hair fall. And my dandruff is reduced. I had watched so many reviews of minoxidil and this one is very helpful. Using minoxidil daily two times is very difficult specially at morning. At morning we all have busy schedules and doctors says one time is enough and another information women can use 5% in other videos only men can use 5%minoxidil. Thanks again 🙏🙏👏👏

  9. I started getting some water retention on the face due to this, made my face "moon face" anyone else have this? reddit is all filled with this symptom

  10. MINOXIDIL is garbadge all theses youtube videos are scams ! i tried MINOXIDIL and is ben freaking 2 years , and i saw no result what so ever ,but now i cant stop it because it will make me lose more hair, i wish i never started it , now im stuck using it ,im afraid to lose more hair, they just want you to watch thier youtube chanel so they can get more viwes and likes , dont get fooled people, this shit dont work

  11. Hello, there is a new product from DS Laboratories called nanoxidle that supposedly works like minoxidil except for no side effects, have you heard of this new product or recommend it? Thanks

  12. Question please..
    I read minoxidil effect will stop after using it for 5 years and get rebound effects of severe hair loss, is that true?

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