Michael controls his past body //FnaF// GC//Afton Family

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34 thoughts on “Michael controls his past body //FnaF// GC//Afton Family

  1. If you arent aware : micheal didn't planned anything in advance, he just add the random idea right when he was bullying c.c at the party

    This is just incase you didn't know
    Idk if its an au (probably)

  2. Michael: Should I change the future?
    Me: Of Course, the future is already messed up.
    Option 1: Kill William before he kills Cassidy (Will prevent the endless cycle of suffering and revival)
    Option 2: Tell Henry Everything (Prevent Charlotte's death, disassemble all animatronics, and get William arrested for child murder)
    Can you make a video doing one of these?

  3. Jesus, as I understand Michaela, I look like my mother in part and it makes me want to look like William rather than like my mother 'at least the person I resemble is not because of my hated me "so seriously, there are parents worse than William or equally."

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