may is mental health awareness month

While every month is a chance to spread mental health education, May is a special opportunity!

Mental Health Awareness Month is a chance for YOU to start conversations with your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, teammates, and community members about kids’ mental health.

By speaking up and taking action, you have the power to change the story of children’s lives!

fine is not a feeling

Too often, when someone tries to reach out to us and ask “how are you feeling,” we default to saying “I’m fine!”  That response is a deflection though. Fine is a non-answer. It could mean anything and shares nothing.

What real emotions are hiding behind the word fine?

You may have heard the joke that FINE stands for Frustrated, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional. That comedic acronym holds a grain of truth. “Fine” often doesn’t mean “fine” at all!

During Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s push ourselves to dig deeper and express our emotions honestly without falling back on “fine.”

giving in mental health awareness month

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, Clarity Child Guidance Center is thanking anyone who donates $25 or more in May with shirt full of emotions!

i am feeling fine t-shirt design - mental health awareness month 2021click to see full size

Clarity Child Guidance Center is the only nonprofit mental health treatment center for kids ages 3 to 17 in South Texas. Our vision is to ensure that every child and family that needs our services receives our services.

Your support helps us continue providing kids in crisis the treatment they need regardless of their family’s ability to pay!

give now

Ready to give for Clarity’s kids? Fill out the form below or text MAY2021 to 41444!

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