Meet your North Star: The Beacons of Change Manifesto

“We know that healing together outshines healing alone.”

That’s one of the phrases from our Beacons of Change manifesto. At a recent Women’s Gathering I hosted, each participant read a different phrase aloud. As I looked at the faces of all the women in the room, I noticed a few of them tearing up. Somehow, it was as if the phrase they read was the one they needed to hear.

On my way home, I pondered why women are so touched when they read the manifesto. I had a memory of when I was searching for the perfect name for my company. The old name, Balanced Moments, matched my message and philosophy for years.

Then, as the world changed, it became clear that something was missing.  

Today’s world requires us not only to seek balance but to find strength and resilience. Once the word “beacon” arose, I brainstormed different combinations. Beacons of Love. Beacons of Light.

The winning name was Beacons of Change.

Our mission is to raise the world’s consciousness one woman at a time and empower them to live, love, and lead at full power.

In a world where women have been told to play small, people-please, and self-sacrifice, we spark change and transformation—no more hiding in the back. Many of our beacons have healed generations of self-abandonment by first healing themselves. 

My philosophy is that we must accept responsibility to grow, change and expand so we can move our lives forward.

The Manifesto reflects the set of values we live by. Our North Star, our compass, shows us how to live as the beacons we were born to be.

There is a significance behind every word we wrote.

Watch today’s vlog and discover the meaning behind each phrase of the Beacons of Change Manifesto.

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