Sound Meditation for Oneness

Meditation for Oneness uses Sound Awareness to shatter the boundaries between Inside and Outside.  The meditation breaks down this barrier and dissolves the sense of separate existence so Oneness can not just be realized, but also entered into.

Dualistic thinking is a very ingrained pattern of thought and breaking through this false perspective is not a simple endeavor.  Thankfully there are meditations such as Sound Awareness, which can help challenge this way of thinking and help one to penetrate and perceive the Oneness which lies beyond.

One of the dimensions of Sound Meditation, is how simple it is to do, but don’t be deceived by that simplicity.  The meditation is highly effective and if done regularly with full application can help to quickly break down psychological and mental barriers.

As all other meditation practices, this technique also bestows peace, calmness and joy, along with helping consciousness and awareness expand and evolve.

This is a Stage 1 meditation and will be part of the Meditation Training Program as well.

Please do share your experiences with this meditation in the comments section below. Also, I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding it or meditation in general 🙂.

Below the video demonstration for this technique is the full transcript as well.


 Sound Awareness Meditation for Oneness

Namaste My Friends,

This lesson of the meditation training program will teach a very, very beautiful meditation. It is simple, but it is extremely effective in helping you realize that all is one.  And that all is you.  There is only Oneness.

It helps dissolve this illusion between the inside and the outside between this and that. Me and you. It helps you recognize that everything that is taking place is all taking place in you. And that there is nothing outside of that. So what is this wonderful meditation? It is sound awareness meditation.

So you’re going to, from the name, bring your attention to the sounds that are taking place in your ambient environment, and you’re going to do so in the following manner.  This meditation to going to assist you realize Tat Tvam Asi or Thou Art That or the Observer is the Observed.

So first thing you do come into a nice tall posture, sit up nice and straight elongate your spine, bring your chin back slightly. And for this meditation, you can use Gyan Mudra, or if you like use Cosmic Mudra, but you can also do this with simply utilizing Drona Mudra, which is what I find most comfortable.

And then you’re going to close your eyes and you’re going to bring your awareness to sounds taking place far in the distance. So whether these sounds are constant, like a hum or the sound of a passing truck or a car that rises and then dissolves, or the sound of a bird or a dog, what have you, you’re going to pay attention to sounds far in the distance.  This is why it is called Sound Meditation Technique.You’re going to spend a few minutes attending to those sounds and then slowly let your awareness find the sounds that are taking place closer and closer to you until you’re listening to sound in close proximity, to right where you are practicing your meditation, and then finally bringing your awareness to the sound of your breath or the sound of your heartbeat.

So sounds within you. That’s all there is to the technique starting from sounds and the distance, bringing your awareness closer and closer to the sounds that are absolutely within. And just let all divisions that you have about outside and inside. Start to fall, break away and dissolve so nice and tall.

Close your eyes. Relax your abdomen, relax your shoulders And let your awareness stretched to the distance and bring all your awareness to your listening, modality — to that capacity. Just pure listening, pure awareness.

Let your thoughts that come up simply dissolve. Simply let them go. Don’t get caught in the storyline. Just remain fully cognizant, fully aware of the sounds that are taking place again from a distance closer.

Practice Sound Awareness Meditation for about 20 minutes and especially practice this meditation when it’s raining, it will create a wonderful experience for you doing that time.

Thank you everybody,

God bless you all.

For those interested in the experience of Oneness, I describe one such personal enlightenment experience here I Am All.

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