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Legislators prepare for upcoming ballot initiative on medical marijuana
ST. GEORGE, Utah – (Jan. 17, 2018) A new ballot initiative looking to legalize medical marijuana in Utah in November has community leaders and legislators asking a lot of questions these days. Southwest Prevention and Education leaders in St George tried to answer some of those questions, mainly on the differences between inhaled Marijuana and CBD oil.
Lawmakers and others are hoping that more research will provide even more answers to what is being accepted in some states as “the norm”.


7 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Education

  1. This was quite possibly the worst and most uninformed cannabis education video I have ever seen. There are thousands of studies for all sorts of different ailments that cannabis can help with. Senator Vickers will be directly effected if cannabis is legalized because it will threaten his lively hood. He is a pharmacist, so of course he's going to have nothing but negative things to say about cannabis! The whole plant is very important because all the cannabinoids work together, just to take out one like CBD may help for a few things, but it works much better will all the cannabinoids. THC helps with pain, and has shown to gain even more control on helping children with epilepsy along with CBD. CBD alone does not fully stop epileptic seizures, but if you add the THC seizures fully stop. This plant can help with many different kinds of pain from tumors, arthritis, crohns disease and many different autoimmune disorders. Please do some actual research before believing a man that is so desperate to make this fail because it will hurt his bottom line!

  2. I find it interesting that a person who has been to medical school can be so uneducated about the topic he's speaking on. But after seeing the same sort of ignorance displayed by a sheriff in northern Utah, I've learned it's entirely possible.
    Is cannabis more potent than it was in 1970? Of course it is. We've also increased the strength of narcotic pain relievers; Fentanyl is 10 times more potent than morphine or heroin, and Carfentanyl is ten times more potent than Fentanyl. What's your point? You fail to understand we're talking about medicinal use of cannabis, NOT adult recreational use.
    Southwest Utah Public Health keeps spouting numbers from Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, a federal bureau whose stats dont even mirror national Institute of Health, CDC, or the stats from Colorado Dept of Health. And yet you folks just take them for granted, without verifying anything. DUIs in Colorado are down, youth use is down. Yes, hospital reporting shows increased visits for cannabis-based illness, but that's only an indicator the person doing the billing used a cannabis-based billing code, and it quite often isnt the reason for the visit.
    And what about those traffic fatalities? Evan Vickers doesnt bother to remind you (although RMHIDTA does) that "marijuana-related fatalities" being published dont actually correspond with the reason for the traffic death… it simply means the dead person had THC metabolites in their blood, possibly from days or weeks prior. They could've ingested cannabis on Friday, and been killed on their way to work the following Tuesday. But THC metabolite is still in their blood, so "AHA!" another marijuana-related traffic death. Get real.
    There is still not one recorded overdose death from cannabis in 6000 years of human use. Why don't you guys worry about alcohol, heroin and cocaine, and leave cannabis alone? You're obviously unable to understand what "medicinal" means.

  3. It is almost hard to believe that any video labeled as "education" could contain as many falsehoods as this 4-minute piece of garbage. However … I shouldn't be surprised, because this has nothing to do with education, this is purely Harry J Anslinger, Joseph Goebbels type of propaganda. I would think that you should actually learn something about research into the human endo-cannabinoid system, and the effects of THC along with CBD in the whole plant before you spew such nonsense. The ballot initiative in Utah calls for access to whole plant medicine, a medicine which has been used by millions of people in all cultures around the world for millennia and no deaths are recorded. This church-sponsored nonsense is being called out on the carpet as just what it is. Nonsense. You cannot continue to tell lies like this and get away with it. The 76% of people in Utah who are supporting the ballot initiative and who have signed it by the tens of thousands know better! They won't be fooled by such nonsense. We are patients, not criminals. To make us cross state lines to obtain the medicine we need to freely remedy our pain and other health conditions ( for me, I use it for severe crippling arthritis and insomnia) is simply criminal. If you want to lock somebody up for using a natural plant that makes them happy and relieves their painful symptoms, then YOU are a criminal. Shame on you! Liar, liar… Pants on fire!

  4. This video spreads misinformation from the very start, so judge the rest by the fact the "educators" chose to lead with a totally debunkable contention. CBD has great promise for many treatments for many conditions, but is NOT (in any way, shape or form) "the preferred use for medicine" when it comes to cannabis. Of the 25,000 PUB MED scientific papers on cannabis since the 1990's, the great majority of the promising research is on either whole plant medicine – including THC, CBD and scores of other possibly promising cannabinoid compounds acting in concert, or on THC dominant derivatives form the plant.

    The slide showing "a loss of up to 8 IQ points" in the background is another piece of propaganda drawing an isolated factoid from a single article which has been thoroughly refuted even for personal use – and would be a non-factor altogether in regulated medical use. And the fact that DEA still clings to calling it a substance with no currently accepted medical use is a pure fiction. And nothing in the video gets any better. This "educational" program is a terrible disservice to foist on any group of citizens, young or old, students or otherwise. It's amazing ostensibly educated people can be still be spreading such twaddle in the guise of objective fact.

  5. These doctors need to go back to school. The lack of understanding is either being uninformed or they are choosing to use old out of date information. It makes any future statements suspect and unreliable information. The world has done numerous studies since the 1950's where seem to be getting their information. The general public has a better understanding then these "doctors" and pharmacists do.

  6. This is utter nonsense. Let a bunch of people who know nothing about cannabis give an "educational" presentation about it. How about we invite some doctors clinicians and people working in these areas present some scientific facts that are easy to understand. So easy to prove that science is already with us on cannabis. Quit spreading fear and lies…

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