Medical exemptions and Ivermectin

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• Pharmacokinetic considerations on the repurposing of ivermectin for treatment of COVID‐19:


25 thoughts on “Medical exemptions and Ivermectin

  1. I like how she lists off all the side effects, and Cambell gets hard wood over it and is about to coom on camera. As if every fucking thing I have ever taken hasn't had a list just as long or five times longer of side effects…..and no Doctors has ever blinked….NOW this is suddenly an issue? …When for years and years people like Cambell have been prescribing medication with all of these "Dangerous Side Effects" – now suddenly he/everyone is hesitant about it? Then you say we "Must get a Doctors Prescription" Well no shit dumbass, maybe if there wasn't a huge political push to stop Doctors and Pharmacies from dispensing it then you wouldn't see people buy a veterinary form. Now Merck one of the manufacturers of Ivermectin just magically comes out with a fucking orally taken Covid Pill…give me a fucking break, get your head out of your Ass Dr. Campbell.

  2. 10:50 Ohh really it’s not the time to shop around maybe I don’t want something fraudulent lady. It’s by health my choice and I DO NOT CONSENT to any of this and you can’t make me think different.

  3. That’s a lie in 2020 Tell me the true exact amounts of people that died from it? Oh wait I forgot there rigged and you clearly don’t have all the facts to prove it because there was lots of false positives and people’s deaths being written under Covid when that poor man died from his Heart Attack but you though it was totally ok to write of his will as a pandemic virus u guys are heartless inconsiderate pigs shame on u yes there was people that died but all the exact numbers don’t add up and more people survived the virus in Survival rate to Death rates

  4. I went into the ER with covid pneumonia and respiratory failure. The docter let my family come in to say goodbye to me. My grown kids smuggled in ivermectin and helped me take the first dose. In 15 hrs i was turning around. Each day i took another dose…..two weeks in all. I am home now and im ALIVE!!!!

  5. It seems to me that all of the so called trials of Ivermectin are being set up to try and deliberately prove that it's either ineffective or of very little value why not give it for 5 to 7 days to patients who are seriously ill that would prove if it works or not. But then why would we want to prove the efficacy of repurposing a cheap safe anti parasitic drug that's been around for 40 years when we can push a new anti viral drug that costs $700 for a 5 day course, of course how silly of me no profit in the chesp drug for big Pharma.

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