My world was turned upside down a few weeks into the new year, in a way I’ve never experienced before.

Things have been a bit crazy these past few months. I’m trying to put a post together, when I’ve got the time and energy, but I’ve been struggling to even keep up with journaling.

I know this isn’t a proper post, but I just wanted you all to know that I’m still around. I’m okay. Things are hard right now, but I have to just keep on going, day by day.

Sorry for going ‘ghost’ again. I know I’ve said that I’d get back to posting at least monthly this year, but the last few months have changed so much in my life.

I don’t mean to vague-post, but there’s so many thoughts to compile before I can do a proper update, and I’m having trouble coming to terms with, and being able to articulate, everything that’s going on. I am working on a proper post, I promise. But I’ve been stressing a lot that I haven’t been able to post an update, so I also wanted to post this in hopes of alleviating some of the (self-imposed) pressure and guilt.

If I haven’t posted in the next month, please definitely do send harassing emails until I get off my ass and actually do it (looking at you, Shelby!)

Again, I’m sorry for the vagueness. I just wanted to post something to let you all know that I’m working on it, and will hopefully resume our regular programming soon.

Love you guys. Thanks for putting up with me. I’d be so very lost without the community and friends I’ve found here over the past 9 years <3

In the meantime, random recent pictures…
My new, very appropriate, slippers

Sitting on the floor, next to a case of diet Mountain Dew, 
blowing my cigarette smoke through the screen door, 
because why not

Hey look I’m alive and fat

The fluffy babies who keep me alive


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