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MEAL PREP LIKE A BOSS! | quick & easy vegan bowls + shopping list download

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28 thoughts on “MEAL PREP LIKE A BOSS! | quick & easy vegan bowls + shopping list download

  1. Hi…my daughter maybe interested in going vegan and she is in college at this time. Do you have a video for simple things college students can make? She doesnt have transportation and the fridge in dorm is small and its shared with her roommate. I stock her with canned corn beans tomatoes and rice but I am hoping to give her more variety with what she has. Some things she can get too from on campus like salads etc..but just trying to think of other things she can make herself if they are closed or she can't get there. Neither one of us eat meat much…we eat salmon/fish and chicken in spurts but we really want to venture to more vegan until we convert. We are both excited and I am trying to prepare lunches myself for work. So these recipes are awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for all the delicious ideas. My husband and I have returned to a vegan lifestyle again and this time I am trying to include as much variety as possible, but it can be difficult. Meal prep will really help.

  3. I am so happy i found your Youtube Channel tonight!!! I been watching tons of our videos just tonight and they have helped relive some stresses when it comes to cooking Vegan, Plant-Based meals for my daughter and I!!!

  4. the background music is driving me bonkers, very difficult to concentrate on what she's saying. Ugh! Thank Gawd it stopped in the middle of the video. phew. Okay me dear. Thank you for the video.

  5. You just don't know how you are saving lives, literally! Being plant based in the black community, my community is becoming more mainstream. I am so excited that we are excited about living healthier, disease free, cruelty free lives! You are a true blessing!

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