With so much Gemini energy, the first half of May is sure to be eventful. And as the most talkative sign in the zodiac, Gemini will be putting your communication skills to the test.

Read on for your May astrology forecast and how this month’s upcoming astrological events will impact you based on your zodiac sign.

Whether it’s an important conversation with your boss or significant other, quick-witted Gemini will help you find the right words to leave a lasting impact.

The good news is that mid-month there will be a new moon in Taurus, a grounded sign that will help take us out of an airy headspace and bring us all back down to earth.

Mercury in Gemini: Here’s Your May Astrology Forecast + What to Expect

When Mercury enters Gemini in early May 2021, all zodiac signs may feel more talkative, curious and social. This is the beginning of a cycle that lasts until July.

Rather than diving deeply into one subject, you’ll want to look at multiple topics in order to acquire as much knowledge as possible. The sign of the twins is very personable so you’ll want to use this to your advantage in both your work and home life. You’ll feel a strong desire to be social.

The new moon will enter Taurus on May 11, making us all feel a little calmer and more centered (thankfully).

Gemini is also adaptable, so if you’re starting a new job or relationship, you’ll be able to face any change that comes your way with ease.

But remember, with all this lively energy comes a short attention span. At times, you may feel a bit scatterbrained and all over the place – especially if you’re not an air sign.


Venus Enters Gemini: Brace Yourself for Some Variety in Your Love Life

Venus rules romance, so when this planet enters Gemini on May 8, you’ll be anything but boring . . .

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Gemini is curious, always asking questions and jumping from one thing to the next. In relationships, this means being fun and lighthearted, and embracing your playful side. Attraction will be focused on mental stimulation, with funny banter and childlike enthusiasm mixed in.

Yes, the zodiac sign of the twins will definitely take you on a wild ride, so buckle up!

When it comes to relationships, the shadow side of Gemini is fickleness. So, you may experience some indecisiveness and mood swings from time to time.

Yes, the zodiac sign of the twins will definitely take you on a wild ride, so buckle up!

BONUS: The new moon will enter Taurus on May 11, making us all feel a little calmer and more centered (thankfully).


This Is How Mercury and Venus in Gemini Will Affect You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



Air compliments fire, so get ready to burn brighter than ever before. As an Aries, you can get very emotional, but Gemini – like a breath of fresh air – will bring out the best in you and prevent your fiery side from taking over.

This energy will carry over in your personal and professional life, so enjoy the good vibes that Gemini brings!



While Taurus appreciates intellectual stimulation, sometimes the Gemini energy can be a little too intense for you. However, if you’re open to it, this chatty zodiac sign can teach you a thing or two about being spontaneous and enjoying all that life has to offer.

On the plus side, the new moon on May 11 will be in your sign, so you’ll be back in your comfort zone. 🙂



It’s your time to shine, Gemini! The planets have literally aligned in your favor and the spotlight will most definitely be on you this month. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you will be reaping the benefits in all aspects of your life.

You’ll be getting invites from friends left and right, going out on dates if you’re single and if you’re in a relationship, you’ll be feeling extra spontaneous and adventurous.

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As an introverted zodiac sign, expressing yourself isn’t always easy. But thanks to Gemini, you will be ready to express your opinions and show people who you really are.

Should you choose to embrace this side of yourself Cancer, you will experience massive personal growth. And with the new moon in Taurus coming in on the 11, these changes will help you support your goals and start fresh.



Gemini blends well with Leo, so expect your conversational skills to be better than ever. If you have to negotiate a higher salary or pitch a new project at work, your ideas will be well received.

But be careful not to spread yourself too thin! If you stick to one task at a time, you’ll increase your chances of success.



Ruled by Mercury, you’re a natural communicator, Virgo. With Gemini’s influence, you will be even more witty and able to connect with a variety of people.

Virgos tend to be on the serious side and very goal-oriented, which can be great at times. But other times, your perfectionist tendencies can sometimes get in the way of your happiness. Gemini will help you lighten up and see different points of view. The solutions to your problems will be easier to figure out!



Libra, your love life will be your main focus in May. Since Gemini is an air sign, you’ll be feeling right at home, able to easily communicate what you think and how you feel.

The only negative is the indecisiveness that can come with the zodiac sign of the twins, so in those moments when you’re feeling unsure, don’t react. Take a step back and reflect.



Even though air and water signs don’t always mix well, Scorpios and Gemini can work well together. Your intuitiveness paired with Gemini’s intellect can take you to new heights in your career and in your relationships.

Also, the new moon in Taurus will help you commit to your goals and see the best path to take.



When a Sag and Gemini join forces, watch out world! The adventurous Sagittarius and brilliant Gemini make a very powerful duo. You can use this energy to your advantage in any aspect of your life

Word of caution: the intensity of these two zodiac signs can be a lot to handle, so make sure you don’t move so fast that you burn out.

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You’ve been working too hard lately Capricorn, and Gemini is here to remind you to lighten up. Work-life balance is important, so make sure to schedule some down time and make special plans to reward your efforts.

Don’t worry, the new moon in Taurus will see that you get everything done. And of course you will do it in spectacular Gemini fashion!



As a fellow air sign Aquarius, you’ll enjoy Gemini’s influence. This zodiac sign is very positive and will lift your spirits when you feel anxious or stressed.

You’ve likely been experiencing changes lately (particularly in career or work life), and as an adaptable sign, Gemini will help you out in this process.



If you’ve been feeling emotional lately Pisces, having Gemini in your corner will make a major difference in your overall well-being.

While it’s important to self-reflect, it’s also important to be present. The youthful energy Gemini brings can be a great change of pace for you.

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Your May Astrology Forecast: Get Ready for a Wild Ride With Mercury, Venus, and Gemini!

Gemini energy is vibrant and entertaining, which is perfect as we prepare to enter the summer months. Time to be tap into our inner child and embrace a more positive, lighthearted mindset!

Life is too short not to enjoy yourself and have fun. And Gemini is coming in to remind you of that.

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