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May 2021 Yoga Calendar – TRUST

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This month we are focusing on Trust as a practice.

Have you ever done a trust fall? You know, where you stand with your feet on the ground, back to the unknown, take a breath, relax your shoulders, make your body feel whole, like one moving part, then lean back and go?

Consider this collection of practices an opportunity to lean in, get centered, build strength, and find support from the inside out.

In this wild time of looking back and looking ahead, we may use these daily practices to root in the present.

A lot has been potentially stirred up in the last month or so, in the spirit of renewal, reconnecting, and reemergence. Together, let’s use the month of May to center so that we can surrender to the sublime, and embody trust in the present.

Please note: There will be core. 

When you are familiar with your center it’s easier to embody trust. When you feel centered you can take steps without being too concerned where they will lead. This collection of practices will help you anchor as you may continue to wake up and ask, “What’s next?” Keep an eye out for a brand new 12 min core condition session, uploading on May 3rd!

Trust that it is working.

This is a process based practice. So the more regularly you show up, the more likely you are to feel the impact. You will see and feel results, but this curation asks you to show up, do your best, and bring whatever it is you are holding each day.

Trust the process of yoga to deliver what you want to cultivate in your life.

In a culture that reinforces our need for immediate results, regular at home practice simply focuses on the incredible power of showing up. Trust that the rest will work it out from there. 

Summary: Just show up. 

And let’s get real, your time is valuable. For me trusting the yoga means being open to getting out of your head and into your body.  It means committing not to the yoga poses but to spending this time with yourself. Breathing, listening and trusting your instincts.

Right from the start… make the most of your commitment to this monthly calendar and trust yourself.

This will pave the path to truth.

You cannot love if you cannot trust.

And it all starts with you.

Trust what is true.



Here’s what else you need to know

If this is your first time joining us, welcome! 

Each month, we come together as a community around a theme that inspires questions and guides intention for your practice both on and off the mat. 

The practices selected support your exploration of the theme, whether you are taking on the whole month or dropping in for a single whenever you like. 

The practices on the calendar are free and are all available on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. To make things easy, we have created a monthly playlist for you to follow! 

You will also see some optional Find What Feels Good App practices on the calendar, they are noted as FWFG practices. We include alternate free YouTube practices on those days for those who are not members. Everyone wins, yoga for all. 

You can download a free, clickable PDF of the calendar here.

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