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Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensaries compared

This video is about my experience going to Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. I went to Salem and Brockton in one day. I broke my brain trying to figure out if the the oil is a good deal money wise, please let me know if you have the answer.


5 thoughts on “Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensaries compared

  1. The state planned this from the getgo , since we voted to have dispensaries they cant ban them but what they can , will , and do do is make it so sucky for us that most people wont go to dispensaries . They make the vetting process soooo hard that only a few can open and then they only allow one or two strains of medium quality flowers. Got to love our Massachusetts leaders even rhode island has better dispensaries and more variety and they are sh…t compared to other states

  2. none is too much. That the way if you rich. But the poor and meld class medical people will still get it from the street cause is cheaper about half of the price. Mass need to drop the price down. If not the black market will still be there.

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