Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 – Where Storytelling Crumbles

This video’s existence is comiclegend’s fault.

0:00 – Intro
5:48 – The Case Against Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson
17:46 – Defeating Kingpin
28:57 – Otto’s Experiment
30:58 – The Oscorp Surveillance Towers
37:54 – Fisk’s Auction House
41:48 – Shocker Part I
43:58 – The Oscorp Research Stations
45:30 – Shocker Part II
49:39 – Kingpin’s Skippable Security Measures
50:27 – Chasing the Demons
51:53 – The Fisk Construction Site
53:26 – City Hall
1:00:31 – Sable International… what a shitty organization
1:02:20 – A burn room that doesn’t burn evidence…
1:05:31 – MJ sneaks into Tombstone’s base
1:06:16 – Spider-Man joking vs Spider-Man risking lives for a joke
1:10:28 – Spider-Man Saving Charles Standish
1:11:36 – Dr. Delaney’s death is Spider-Man’s fault
1:14:53 – The Osborn and Fisk Deal
1:15:26 – Oscorp’s Subpar Security
1:16:47 – MJ sneaks into Sable International
1:18:34 – Peter goes against his no kill rule again
1:18:47 – Dr. Michaels Chase
1:21:53 – The Grand Central Scene is a Disaster
1:31:38 – Peter is a negligent moron
1:33:38 – The Raft Breakout
1:36:16 – Doc Ock releases Devil’s Breath
1:38:40 – Electro and Rhino attack the police
1:40:26 – The Icarus Trap
1:44:36 – Spider-Man vs Vulture and Electro
1:48:17 – A painfully contrived hallucination
1:51:01 – Aunt May’s character assassination
1:53:45 – Spider-Man vs Rhino and Scorpion
1:54:29 – MJ sneaks into Osborn’s penthouse
1:57:44 – The Infamous Martin Li Video
2:03:04 – MJ’s contrived escape
2:04:32 – Silver Sable’s character development
2:06:05 – Spider-Man vs Li
2:07:07 – Spider-Man vs Doc Ock
2:08:45 – The Anti Ock Suit
2:10:27- The Climax
2:15:46 – Aunt May’s Death
2:17:42 – Conclusion

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36 thoughts on “Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 – Where Storytelling Crumbles

  1. This would be a good video if anyone cared about the story. The best part about the game is swinging around nobody cares about the story 😆 🤣 This guy was analyzing the story while everyone else was having fun 😆

  2. I will say I did enjoy some of the banter between MJ and Peter, but man she acts like an asshole to Peter in the game and even dlc for like no reason. You got a solid point there

  3. Okay I agree on a few things like actual logic but…. My take on a few things for character motivation is different…

    MJ has a hero complex from dating Peter without being a hero. She misses the thrill of being with Pete, but I think the message of her character was that Peter CANT do this alone. Sometimes Spider-Man needs well… a Spider-Man.

    Aunt May didn’t send Miles to the city to get supplies, it was implied Miles went to that specific area due to checking out other safe areas in the city that lead him there (they were the only ones to have it)

    Martin Li is a medium for this game, he’s the soul for most characters DNA. All characters are battling to be something they aren’t. They are fighting their true nature.

    Martin Li and his demon. Kingpin fighting to stay at the top of the food chain. Yuri being supportive of Spider-Man but has to take a risk every time she deals with him.

    Otto may have always been bitter but just like Peter the thing that kept Otto from Doc Ock was his work and Norman took it.

    Made him feel helpless, what MJ is saying she is feeling emotionally is how Otto is feeling physically. He kinda HAS to depend on Peter and Peter tends to let him down by being Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man was supposed to jeopardize the case because Kingpin will be returning in 2 so that’s the only reason. The info we get on him doesn’t matter for his case because he will beat it no matter if spidey was there or not (more than likely would escape).

  4. I agree for the most part, the gameplay is fantastic, best movement in a modern game, the combat and stealth leave a bit to be desired (a noticeable step down to the Arkham games) but the story is an absolute mess, and aside from Miles, May, Jameson and a handful of side characters, the games characters suck . on the other hand I disagree that the games plot is worse than TASM 2 or even TASM 1 if I'm being honest.

  5. Insomniac really fell flat on their face making this story. Just because you have fictional characters who possess tons of power or anything like that does not mean you can’t make a story that makes sense. I don’t think insomniac really tried with the story

  6. In regards to the criticism you made of ANH, Luke didn’t try to fight the Tusken Raiders. All he did was observe them and as far as he knew they didn’t know he was there. You may argue that Luke should have left when 3PO told him there were creatures approaching but 1. That doesn’t mean those creatures are dangerous 2. That doesn’t mean those creatures know Luke is there 3. Luke is established to be very adventurous. Really enjoying the video as a whole tho

  7. I agree with most of the storytelling points. I think most of them are vaild, but to criticize gameplay mechanics is nitpicking. At the end of the day, it is a video game not a movie. It’s not the best form of storytelling.

  8. my biggest complaint with this video so far is that you're taking way too long to get to your actual issues with the game. I'm staying because I'm trying to have an open mind, but if you want to convince someone of an issue that they dont agree with you should start talking about the actual issue first otherwise you'll get them to stop watching immediately

  9. some points about your argumentation even though i hate this game:

    12:09 – your assessment of the conversation where mj brings up their breakup, is reductive at best. it can actually be argued that peter is the one to go there first, based on his comment about how "a lot can change in 6 months". this then seems to lead into mj asking further about what his intentions are and about the relationship in general, but the reason why she brings this up is left ambiguous in the scene. it is not decipherable whether she is doing so with antagonism in mind. in fact her reaction when their conversation is cut short at a difficult moment can be used as evidence that her intentions are, at the very least, more open-ended than that.

    8:14 – this argument needs you to explain how the game treats mj as being in the right. it is not necessarily contradictory that she both wants to fight for the greater good, and is reckless and stubborn. although i agree that the game fails to discuss mj's recklessness.

    16:32 – to be fair, mj saying "i never stopped wanting to" as a somewhat emotional statement does not contradict the idea that mj previously had to break up with peter over his inability to accept her (very much stupid) behaviour, nor anything else in the game.

    17:25 – explain how mj breaks the story on a thematic level.

    18:03 – why is it necessary that the game explains the reason why they are only going after kingpin now? perhaps there were corruption/legal reasons tying their hands until now.

    18:56 – yuri's decision to let spider-man intervene in taking down kingpin is a tricky one that involves weighing the threat of kingpin getting away (which would have happened without spider-man), against his lawyers potentially taking issue with spider-man working with yuri. it is not a problematic character decision on yuri's part. just because the game does not explore yuri's thoughts on this decision, doesn't mean she is not concerned at all (unless there is evidence somewhere in the game that she was specifically unconcerned, in which case you need to show it).

    19:45 – pretty sure it can be inferred that this cutscene is a time-jump backwards to show what was going on with the cops before spider-man's arrival, not that spider-man was just sitting there watching.

    21:42 – the thugs taking a moment to stop and gloat before killing the weakened cops does not damage anything about the writing of the scene, while it may be an annoying trope.

    21:49 – while it may be a little dumb for the goons to be wearing kingpin logos, kingpin is already escaping an arrest warrant, which for all we know, may be for something far worse than the havoc he is asking those goons to cause. also, this does not necessarily mean it is pointless for him to destroy the evidence back at his building.

    32:23 – would it be a stretch to infer that the capabilities that peter upgrades the oscorp towers with are designed to only be accessible to him? something to consider, at least.

    45:00 – you interpret everything incredibly literally. just because harry suspects that oscorp (or certain people in oscorp) secretly wants the research stations to fail, doesn't mean that oscorp (or norman) has the ability to just shut them down without an acceptable reason. it can be inferred that they are trying to cut funding and quietly let them gather dust as an excuse to eventually shut them down simply due to them being infrequently used. there is a picture painted here of red tape and in-fighting (for lack of a better word) inside oscorp, not of oscorp being one unified entity that norman has total dictatorial control over. or at least, wanting to appear that way to the public.

    48:30 – to be fair about shocker saying "under those masks", shocker is traditionally a bit of a comic-relief character whose big mouth gets him in trouble. by saying "hey you just gave spider-man crucial information, dumbass!" it feels like you're just factually narrating the events of the scene without adding any criticism.

    51:40 – what do you mean "convenient"? what if david just died there? how is it "convenient" that he lived?

    52:59 – this instance of spider-man kicking a demon does not appear deadly to me. also AFAIK his electricity webs in this game don't insta KO enemies, only stun them. this demon didn't only survive due to sheer luck, it is believable that spider-man had the ability to calculate this move in a way that ensures the demon 1. did not get kicked at a velocity that would kill him and 2. ended up on the floor of the nearby building. just because spider-man has the ability to kick fatally, doesn't mean he did in this instance.

    55:36 – wasn't martin li in this game somewhat of a jeckyll and hyde situation (where he would struggle with the "demon" coming out of him)? wanting to be a murderous terrorist who starts a global pandemic AND wanting to run a homeless shelter as an "honest expression of his heart" (referring to his good side) can both be true, considering this.

    good video though. "when you spread it to someone, you spread it to everyone" was hilarious.

  10. I'd love to see more interesting storytelling in AAA games, rather than just using cutscenes all the time. Games like outer wilds, prey, undertale, none of them rely on cutscenes but all have excellent stories that are really fun to discover precisely because the player is driving the story, not the cutscenes.

  11. I do enjoy the story, but I think as the story goes on, it just gets worse and worse. It starts out pretty good, but like you said, most of the villains haven't been well established. I think the plot twist with Mr. Negative was cool, but after that the story just becomes so predictable. This is one reason why I don't even enjoy Super Hero stuff a lot anymore. There's typically always a happy, but predictable ending. I want some Super Hero games/movies that aren't predictable, and isn't afraid to let the main character face death. I think the Batman Arkham games do some of the best work at keeping the story interesting until the very end, and not letting it be super predictable. Keep up the good work. Glad you spoke your voice, despite people being critical.

  12. Otto never worked with Li until AFTER the raft. Also Otto did not care anymore, nor did Li when it came to Norman. They weren’t out right trying to kill ppl they were only trying to prove a point. If you are collateral, then you are collateral. Everyone in this game has bi-polar disorder. This is the 1st SS team up sooo each villain doesn’t really know how to work with each other but still want to kill Spidey but I’m their own way.

    Doc Ock DIDN’T want Peter to die, he just wanted him to stop trying to stop him. Spider-Man been doing this for 8 years and yet the person he worked with the closest you think he wants to seen blown up ? No

    If Peter dies then he dies because he wasn’t smart or strong enough. Literally putting Peter in his shoes with the Norman situation.

    Literally 1st meeting: Don’t follow me
    2nd meeting: You’re still following me… okay.
    3rd meeting: Now you’re making me very angry Peter, time to show you what man I’m really am

  13. I can see some of your arguments, but I don't agree with everything.
    The way MJ and May are written IS kinda bad especially when you add a lot of context to it.
    That said this game gave me more of an emotional reaction with May's death than the MCU.
    (Not to mention Insomniac had just done it first) and feels kinda like copying.
    A lot of the arguments still feel like nitpicking specially when the story has to account to gameplay.
    (An example: You CAN actually shoot Doc Ock with taser webs in gameplay but if that were to put him down instantly the boss fight ends in 2 seconds)
    Unless you write some explanation as to why Peter cannot use his gadgets against Ock or any other boss in the game for that matter like Kingpin.

  14. Good to see someone criticise the story as it's by far the weakest part of the game and it's just plain annoying listening to people say it's one of the best Spiderman stories when in reality it's quite mediocre imo.

  15. Since Spider-Man has been fighting Shoker for years, it's reasonable to believe he would know he would survive something heavy falling on him. If this game was the first time they fought, then it would be reasonable to assume Spider-Man wouldn't know what Shocker can and can't survive.

  16. “Don’t stop to talk” honestly could sum up the inconsistencies behind every superhero. Even Batman is guilty of this from time to time.

  17. I think all the points you made about Spider-Man kicking someone too hard or punching someone too hard can be chalked up to it being a video game. The designers just made cool looking attack animations for the fights. It would be a lot of unnecessary work to create inputs for the player to be able to lighty punch bad guys to not kill them vs delivering hard hitting punches that would kill normal people. It's ok if it bothers you because that is your opinion. But making those points makes it seem like you expected the designers of the game not to make it the way they did. The people the game is made for probably don't wanna see Spider-Man lightly punch criminals. It's more fantastical for you to see the criminal go flying. It happens in superhero movies and cartoons all the time.

    I also expect this point to come up in the Batman Arkham games cuz a lot of the points you made can apply to those games too and Batman is another superhero who doesn't kill, typically.

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